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Law Enforcement Analysis Portal (LEAP)

LEAP The Law Enforcement Analysis Portal program, or LEAP, is a project of NCTCOG's Criminal Justice Program. The project assists local law enforcement agencies by implementing an interjurisdictional shared information program, thus improving crime and link analysis, and case closures.

LEAP is guided by a NCTCOG Executive Board-appointed Advisory Committee of eleven local chief law enforcement executives to assist with the planning, development of future functionality, and governance of the information sharing platform.

This project is a collaboration between NCTCOG and private companies providing specific functionality or services to LEAP to improve cross-jurisdictional information sharing and mapping of information. It provides link charts among persons, vehicles, and property, as well.

The purpose of the LEAP project is multifold:

  • Officer Safety The project provides a mechanism for patrol officers to query multiple agency databases cached in a secure LEAP data center, to receive focused information in table form prior to making contact - about a vehicle, plate, or location, when those elements have been involved in weapons, assaultive, drug or gang activity.
  • Crime and Link Analysis Law Enforcement queries against the LEAP data cache will provide responses in summary table format, report format, or geospatially on a road map across jurisdictional boundaries. Relationships between individuals, locations, and property are shown geospatially in a Link Chart, thereby assisting investigators in connecting the dots.
  • Hosted Software - Additional hosted software tools to complement the effectiveness and efficiency of jurisdictions, e.g., automatic license plate reader database.
  • Other Services and Functionality - may be added at a later date as deemed applicable by the LEAP Advisory Committee.


To learn more about LEAP and its functionality, click on one of the following links:

  • LEAP Advisory Committee
    Explains the purpose and role of the Committee.
  • LEAP Executive Summary and Analysis and Reporting Tools [PDF]
    Provides an Executive Summary of the LEAP project, describes the LEAPS's Crime and Link Analysis tools, and shows actual examples of the screen shots contained in various reports and query results.
  • LEAP Implementation Plan Corridors Map
    Outlines the agencies along the traffic corridors of I-10, I-20, I-35 and I-45, as well as US 59 and US 69, which are the drug, human trafficking, and auto theft transportation corridors in Texas and into other parts of the country. NCTCOG will work in conjunction with the other Councils of Government along the corridors to develop LEAP into other jurisdictions.
  • LEAP Manual of Administrative and Operational Guidelines and Executive Summary [PDF]
    Guides the implementation architecture and assures law enforcement agencies of the security precautions taken to comply with the Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Justice Information Services Division Security Guidelines; also known as the Concept of Operations. Approved and adopted June 18, 2009
  • LEAP Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Template [PDF]
    Includes a document the LEAP Advisory Committee reviewed and approved that guides the operation of the program, as well as adding functionality and overseeing cross-jurisdictional information sharing.
  • LEAP PowerPoint [Flash]
    Details the background of the LEAP program and describes the functionality of the Crime and Link Analysis Tools.
  • LEAP System Diagram [PDF]
    Depicts the flow of information and the relationships of the information sharing process from the law enforcement records management system to the LEAP data cache. The diagram also shows developments of analysis outside the data center involving other COGs, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and intelligence fusion centers.
  • LEAP Team Backgrounds [PDF]
    Describes the background of the North Central Texas Council of Governments, and provides backgrounds of the Executive Team and the private collaborators.


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