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Region 40 Radio Communications Planning and Administration

firemanPlanning, application evaluation, and frequency recommendation activities are conducted by the Region 40 Regional Review Committee for 821 MHz frequencies. The Region 40 Radio Communications Planning Committee is developing a plan for the use of 700 MHz frequencies. Local governments and particularly public safety agencies benefit. The service area includes forty-two counties in four planning regions: North Central Texas Council of Governments, Ark-Tex COG, East Texas COG, and Texoma COG.

Oversight Responsibilities:
The Region 40 Regional Review Committee provides technical direction and oversight. It is largely composed of broadcast engineers, communications personnel, and public safety representatives.
NCTCOG's Department of Community Services is responsible for committee appointments, coordination of meetings, agendas, and record keeping. The Federal Communications Commission is the final authority for approval of the frequencies recommended.

Notice of Initial Planning Meeting - October 1, 2015 [PDF]



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