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Public Works Construction Standards


Public Works Construction StandardsGovernments exist to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens. Whether it be providing roads for safe and efficient mobility, utilities for clean drinking water and removal of waste, parks for recreation, or storm water management for protection from flooding, public works is the backbone of that existence. Management of public works facilities is a very important component of the responsibilities of cities, counties, and special districts across North Central Texas. The quality of the region’s infrastructure (its roads, water distribution, wastewater collection, and storm drainage systems) has always been a high priority and a source of pride for its communities.

For over 30 years NCTCOG has supported the public works industry in North Central Texas through publication and maintenance of Public Works Construction Standards - North Cental Texas. To order yours, fax, mail, or email the STANDARDS ORDER FORM[PDF] order form, or go here to:

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Update to the Construction Standards

Currently, the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the Public Works Council are in the process of updating the current version of the Public Works Construction Standards – North Central Texas, 2004 Version. We anticipate the update will be completed by fall 2017. If you are interested in participating in the update by volunteering on one of the Construction Standards Review Groups, please contact Kori Mullen at 817-695-9215, or by email at


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