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Texas Capital Fund Housing Fund

This fund offers grants to eligible communities for economic development needs by providing infrastructure and real estate improvements in support of businesses willing to create/retain jobs. The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) administers this program. For more information, visit the TDA's website at (512) 463-7476, (800) TELL-TDA (835-5832) .

For More Information

For more information about funds available through the Texas Community Development Program, visit the TDA using the contact information above.

For more information about the North Central Texas Council of Government's (NCTCOG) involvement in TCDP, contact the Environment & Development Department at 817/695-9210.

The Housing Fund is available for infrastructure development to support affordable housing activities through the Housing Infrastructure Fund and for housing rehabilitation activities through the Housing Rehabilitation Fund.

  1. Housing Infrastructure Fund: Funds are available to provide grants on a direct award basis for the infrastructure development to support the construction of affordable single family and multifamily low to moderate income housing. The funds may not be used for the actual construction costs of new housing.
  2. Housing Rehabilitation Fund: Funding is available annually through a statewide competitive process for grants to cities and counties to provide loan or deferred loan assistance for the rehabilitation of existing owner-occupied and renter-occupied housing units and, in strictly limited circumstances, the construction of new housing that is accessible to persons with disabilities. Application selection and scoring criteria for this fund will place some emphasis on housing activities that are targeted towards the provision of accessible housing for persons with disabilities. Housing units that are rehabilitated under this fund must be brought up to HUD Section 8 Existing Housing Quality Standards or local housing codes.


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