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Promoting recycling and waste minimization - Source Reduction

The vision of success for Time to Recycle is that purchased materials are reused and recycled wherever possible. In order to achieve this goal, a subcommittee was formed from the members of the Resource Conservation Council which includes local governments, the private sector and environmental groups. The consortium of representatives on this subcommittee ensures both public and private participation in the planning process as they strive to address current and future source reduction and recycling needs of the region.

The subcommittee is also tasked with giving input on new issues that may not have been addressed in the original plan. This was done to ensure that the new plan is emblematic of the region's needs. The subcommittee developed eight objectives to help the region achieve the Time to Recycle vision.

1A.  Increase Citizen Participation in Reuse and Recycling
1B.  Expand Multi-Family Housing Recycling Efforts
1C*. Track the effectiveness of regional waste reduction efforts on an ongoing basis
1D. Expand Commercial Recycling Efforts
1E. Promote Construction and Demolition (C&D) Material Reuse and Recycling
1F. Use Education Programs to Change Attitudes About Source Reduction, Reuse and        Recycling
1G. Promote Innovative Technologies to Reduce Waste
1H. Expand Collection and Management of Special Waste

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* The Original Volume 1: Objective 1C reads as follows: Benchmark and track the effectiveness of regional and local residential waste reduction efforts. Also, Objective 1F reads as follows: Benchmark and track the effectiveness of regional and local commercial waste reduction efforts. The Time to Recycle Subcommittee requested the combination of objectives 1C and 1F to reflect the current needs of the North Central Texas region. This request was put in place by NCTCOG staff on 12/14/2010 with full acknowledgement that this request does not override the original objective 1C in Volume 1.

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