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Floodplain Management

Map of Big Fossil Creek Study Area Trinity River COMMON VISION Program

Local governments along the Trinity River launched a regional initiative that has stimulated excitement and galvanized support for a new Trinity River COMMON VISION. It is composed of these elements:

  • a SAFE Trinity River, with stabilization and reduction of flooding risks,
  • a CLEAN Trinity River, with fishable and swimmable waters,
  • an ENJOYABLE Trinity River, with recreational opportunities linked by a trails system within a world-class greenway,
  • a NATURAL Trinity River, with preservation and restoration of riparian and cultural resources,
  • a DIVERSE Trinity River, with local and regional economic, transportation and other public needs addressed.

Background Information | Introduction | Committee

Corridor Development Certificate (CDC) Program

Previous Floodplain Management Seminars


Feasibility Studies and Regional Project Management Plans



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Cooperating Technical Partners Program


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Video Productions


Trinity Information Resources


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