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Trinity River COMMON VISION Program

Geographical Distribution of Data
Trinity River Corridor Engineering Mapping

City of Coppell
Over 4,500 acres of the City of Coppell are included in the Trinity River Mapping Area. Features include 2-Foot Contour Data, Building Outlines, Hydrological Features, and Transportation Data, all mapped to a horizontal accuracy of (+/-) 4 feet. Coppell is a participant in the Trinity River Feasibility Study and is a member of the Task Force that supervised the development of the mapping information. There are 23 Mapping Sheets that contain a portion of the jurisdiction.

Aerial Information Provided by the North Texas Consortium

The mapping is divided into rectangular tiles , which are each additionally subdivided into as many as 4 rectangular sheets . Sheets A and B are located along the bottom of each tile, and sheets C and D are located along the top. The data files are each subdivided based upon the sheet structure. An example of the structure is provided to the left. The file and tile relationship provides for easy librarian capabilities in Arc/Info.

Trinity Sheets Containing a Portion of the Jurisdiction

38 d
39 b,d
44 c
45 a,b,c,d
46 b
53 a,b,c,d
52 b,d
64 c,d
65 a,b,c,d
66 a,c

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