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Public Works Council

The Public Works Council (PWC) provides expertise and support to the Executive Board and staff on a wide range of local public works issues. For example, the PWC provides continuing advice regarding the Public Works Construction Standards - North Central Texas, as well as such issues as managing right-of-way, comprehensive and consistent storm water management through iSWM, and regional pavement design guidance, as well as identified subregional issues.

Public Works CollageNCTCOG's activities are overseen by the Public Works Council. Originating in 1977 as the Standard Specifications Advisory Committee, becoming the Public Works Advisory Committee in 1984, and evolving into the Public Works Council in 2001, this committee is composed of public and private sector professionals with public works and development expertise. The structure of the Public Works Council is based on large jurisdiction and subregion representation. The subregions are intended to provide a linkage to the Council for all jurisdictions in the region and allow for subregion meetings to address localized issues.

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The current PWC Structure [PDF] has 21 seats for the 14 cities with populations over 100,000 (two seats each for the three largest cities) and the four largest counties with populations over 400,000. It has 16 seats for 16 subregions to adequately represent the remainder of the NCTCOG planning region. The PWC has 5 private sector seats. A map delineating the subregions is available here:

FY2012 Public Works Map - Click to Open

Council Mission Statement: The mission is to facilitate the delivery of innovative, cost effective public works services to jurisdictions in this region by providing a forum for exchanging ideas and initiating actions, pooling financial and intellectual resources to address specific common needs, establishing uniform standards which produce better products at lower costs, and encouraging the development of the public works profession in this region.


  • Increases member involvement
  • Retains effectiveness of Public Works Council
  • Ensures representation for at least 100 previously underrepresented cities/counties
  • Allows Subregional meetings to occur to address unique needs
  • Balances membership big vs. small
  • Increases Private Sector representation
  • Establishes criteria for filling vacancies


Members of the Public Works Council serve two-year terms with half of the membership appointed by the NCTCOG Executive Board each year. The Board appoints a Chair and Vice-Chair annually.

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