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PEL Program Goals

Linkages between Transportation and Environmental PlanningThe North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) serves as the MPO for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). As an MPO, NCTCOG will strive to produce an enhanced Metropolitan Transportation Plan to serve the mobility needs of the region into the future while establishing priority environmental goals and strategies and promoting enhanced environmental stewardship during the planning process.

PEL is:

  • An approach to transportation decision-making
  • A program promoting tools and resources
  • Integrating efforts that support FHWA/FTA Planning and NEPA Regulations



The MPO can achieve significant benefits by incorporating environmental and community values into transportation decisions early in planning and carrying these considerations through project development and delivery. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Enhanced communication and information sharing
  • Sharing of data and tools
  • Integrated approach to conservation and transportation planning that incorporates an enhanced review of environmental impacts caused by transportation projects
  • Expertise and knowledge from each side means more inclusive and sound decisions
  • Visualization of transportation plan with environmental resources
  • Decrease duplication of information and work
  • Provide the public more timely implementation of transportation projects due to a streamlined environmental process


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