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NCTCOG Cooperative Data Program

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About Us

Cooperative Data Program

Program Contact Information

Donna Coggeshall
Research Manager

Tim Barbee
RIS Director/CIO

The Cooperative Data Program (CDP) allows organizations, through participation in the program, to obtain data and services offered, collected and maintained by the Research & Information Services (RIS) Department, at a low cost.

Data and services included in the CDP are those that RIS has provided for many years. These data are used extensively by entities for a variety of purposes, as evidenced by the calls RIS staff receive to discuss the data, inquire about the timing of the next update, and ask for assistance in interpreting or analyzing the data. In the past, data collection and dissemination efforts were supported through a variety of state and federal grants. However, the funding from those sources has either diminished or been eliminated. Believing the data to be valuable to the region, the Cooperative Data Program was established as a replacement funding source.

Participants in the program have unlimited access to data through a secure, web-based interface.

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CDP Data and Services

  • GIS data layers - Census geographies, major developments and features, road and boundary files
  • Land Use - Inventory of land based on use, such as residential, commercial, and industrial
  • Census data - Processed decennial and American Community Survey data
  • Development Monitoring - Identification and tracking of developments with at least 80,000 square feet , 80 housing units, or 80 employees on site
  • Population Estimates - Annual, current-year estimates of population and housing for cities and counties
  • Small-Area Estimates - Estimates of population and jobs by industry sector for sub-county areas such as Census tracts
  • Technical assistance - Response to a variety of inquiries by phone or email (complex or time-intensive inquiries may be subject to fees)

Non-participants may purchase bundled datasets. Click here for more information.

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