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Idling Enforcement Options

Semi IdlingThere are several options available related to idling enforcement.

Complaint-based enforcement:
Officers investigate idling violations based upon complaints received and issue citations as necessary. Specific complaints may be reported directly to the local enforcement division. Complaints may also be submitted through or by calling 877-NTX-IDLE. They will be forwarded regularly to participating local enforcement agencies to help identify idling hot spots.

Target location-based enforcement:
Enforcement personnel periodically patrol areas known for excessive idling, including truck stops, loading docks, warehouses, construction material pick-up/drop-off sites, service roads, and parking lots and cite violators as appropriate.

Full-time dedicated environmental enforcement personnel:
Full-time enforcement personnel are dedicated solely to enforcing environmental codes, including idling, throughout the jurisdiction. Officers patrol the enforcement area, including areas known for high levels of idling, respond to idling complaints, investigate possible idling violations, and issue citations as necessary.


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