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Engine Off North Texas Idling Reporting Form


Please complete this form or call 1-877-NTX-IDLE (1-877-689-4353) to report an idling vehicle.

After clicking ‘Submit’, a letter will be mailed to the registered owner of the idling vehicle stating that his/her vehicle was anonymously reported for idling, and information on local idling rules, benefits of not idling, as well as possible funding opportunities will be provided. In addition, the information reported may also be shared with local law enforcement agencies to inform them of possible areas of frequent idling occurrences.
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Idling vehicle reports must be made within 30 days of sighting.

Do not enter spaces or dashes in the license number.
Only report vehicles with a Texas license plate.

Please report the TRUCK license number
This is the license plate of the:
Date Observed*
Estimated Time*:
Hour Minute AM/PM

example: FWY-635 (or) LBJ (or) MAIN ST.

example: FIRST ST. (or) FWY-121 (or) AIRPORT FWY
How did you hear about this program?
NCTCOG Web site
Please select the type of vehicle *
(and supplementary information if known):
Commercial Truck  

(Assists with future outreach efforts)

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