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North Central Texas Clean School Bus Program

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) houses the North Central Texas Clean School Bus Program.

The mission of this program is to reduce emissions from school bus fleets and improve air quality at school campuses in order to both reduce health impacts associated with poor air quality and support regional efforts to attain federal air quality standards.

Program Goals
  • Provide grant funding for projects that reduce emissions from older, high-emitting school buses. Click here for an outline of previous funding rounds and details on awarded projects.
  • Provide educational materials to schools, school districts, and school bus operators about various clean school bus options that can improve school bus fleets, benefit the environment, and protect the health of school aged children.
  • Promote implementation and enforcement of anti-idling policies for school buses and all other vehicles that operate within a school zone.


Get Involved!

  • Parent Teacher Associations and other affiliated groups are encouraged to get involved by establishing anti-idling campaigns. Click here to learn more.
  • Talk with school transportation providers to encourage the use of the cleanest school bus technologies possible.



For more information about cleaning up school buses in Texas, check out the short video above from the  Environmental Defense Fund.

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For more information, please contact staff at or 817-695-9232.


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