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Air Quality Public Relations Task Force (AQPRTF)


In an effort to promote public awareness about the air quality situation in our region and to generate a better understanding of the health impacts of the air we breathe, the North Central Texas Council of Governments, with the help of partners across the region, has joined forces to form an Air Quality Public Relations Task Force. 

For our members and partners, the Task Force is a voluntary effort and a creative platform to share successes, obstacles, and explore ideas. Our mission is simple - to develop a regional brand and voice
for air quality that will foster behavioral changes in the community to
help improve our air.

Air North Texas

At the forefront of this region-wide air quality awareness campaign is Air North Texas-- an all-inclusive branding effort that serves to bridge partnering entities and affiliated programs into one comprehensive, mutually-complementary and versatile initiative. Air North Texas is scheduled to launch this summer.


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