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Partners in Mobility

partnersThe Dallas-Fort Worth Area Partners in Mobility coalition has appeared before the Texas Transportation Commission anually since 1995.  Each year, members of the legislative delegation, local elected officials, and business and civic leaders from throughout North Central Texas come together to reaffirm that adequate funding for transportation is a top priority, and that efforts must stay focused on addressing the mobility needs of the region. The Partners In Mobility strive to work with the Texas Transportation Commission to support the need for increased transportation funding and to pursue cooperative and innovative strategies to address state and regional transportation needs.

2009 Partners in Mobility Presentation [PDF, 2MB]

2008 Partners in Mobility Presentation
[PDF, 6MB]

2006 Partners in Mobility Executive Summary [PDF, 5MB]

2005 Partners in Mobility Executive Summary [PDF, 2MB]

2004 Partners in Mobility Executive Summary [PDF, 4MB]

2003 Partners in Mobility Executive Summary [PDF, 1MB]

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