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Quiet Zones

Quiet Zones are designated by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) as a section of a rail line where alternative safety measures have
been put in place waiving the requirement that locomotives blow their horns when approaching grade crossings.  Quiet Zones are beneficial
because noise levels are reduced for nearby communities while the same level of safety for automotive traffic is maintained to compensate
for the absence of the train horn.

While there are several criteria for a crossing to be designated as a Quiet Zone, some of the most common are:

  • Gates
  • Flashing Lights
  • Signage
  • Power Out Indicators 1\2 mile from the nearest crossing not designated as a Quiet Zone
  • Medians

Quiet Zone Crossing           
Communities wishing to qualify one or more of their crossings as a
Quiet Zone should consult the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)
for guidance on the quiet zone creation process. The link to the
appropriate safety measures needed to maintain the adequate
safety standards for quiet zone establishment is located below.

Guidance on the Quiet Zone Creation Process

Currently there are approximately 20 Quiet Zone corridors in North Texas, spanning across multiple counties and cities. Click the map below for locations.

Regional Quiet Zones Map


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