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Truck Lane Restrictions

In October 2009, the Texas Transportation Commission approved expansion of truck lane restrictions along IH 20, IH 30, IH 45 and IH 820, following a traffic study, stakeholder meeting, and three public hearings.   The recently approved restrictions were implemented by TxDOT in 2010.

The Truck Lane Pilot Study was completed in 2006.  Based on traffic studies, truck lane restrictions have been shown to improve mobility, safety, and air quality. For a corridor to be eligible to be considered for truck lane restrictions there must be three or more traffic lanes (excluding frontage roads) in each direction and there cannot be left exits.  Truck lane restrictions currently exist along sections of IH 20 in Dallas, Kaufman, and Tarrant Counties; IH 30 in Tarrant County; IH 45 in Dallas and Ellis Counties; and IH 820 in Tarrant County.  In these corridor sections, trucks with three or more axles are prohibited from using the inside left lane, except when passing traffic.


No Trucks Left Lane

Current Truck Lane Restrictions in North Texas





IH 20

Dallas, Kaufman, and Tarrant

From US 377 in Fort Worth to FM 740 in Mesquite

IH 30


From Dale Lane in Fort Worth to FM 157 in Arlington

IH 45

Dallas and Ellis

From IH 30 in Dallas to FM 3413 in Ennis

IH 820


From Westpoint Blvd. in Fort Worth to IH 20 in Fort Worth


Future Truck Lane Restriction Recommendations for North Texas
Long-term plans for expanding the network of truck lane restrictions are included in Mobility 2035: The Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.  See the Mobility Option Chapter and the Mobility 2035 Recommendations Map for truck lane information.




Truck Lanes Recommended


  • Jeff Hathcock, Principal Transportation Planner
  • Mike Johnson, Transportation Planner
  • Lisa Key, Sr. Administrative Assistant
  • Dan Lamers, Sr. Program Manager


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