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Environmental Justice Analysis Process

The policy, program, and project recommendations contained in Mobility 2030 are intended to improve mobility, access, and air quality, as well as to enhance the quality of life throughout the communities in the region.  To this end, an Environmental Justice and Title VI analysis is required to ensure that no person is excluded from participation in, denied benefits of, or discriminated against in planning efforts, including the development of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan. 

Title VI and Environmental Justice Performance Summary
                                                                                                                           Job Accessibility Performance Measures Chart(Click here for Larger Image)
See Protected Class Distribution maps below. 
(Note:  all maps are in PDF format.)

Black Population Distribution

Hispanic Population Distribution

Asian American Population Distribution

American Indian/Alaska Native Population Distribution

Population below Poverty Line Distribution

Age 65 and Over Population Distribution

Disabled Population Distribution

Female Head of Household Population Distribution



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