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Mobility 2035 - 2013 Update

As the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is required to maintain a long-range transportation plan that defines a vision for the region’s multimodal transportation system.  This plan is known as the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and its aim is to identify policies, programs, and projects for development that respond to adopted goals and to guide expenditures for state and federal funds over the next 20 plus years.

Mobility 2035 - 2013 Update

In June 2013, the Regional Transportation Council approved a new long-range transportation plan, Mobility 2035 - 2013 Update. This plan was developed with public input and collaboration with regional transportation partners. This plan represents a blueprint for a comprehensive, modern transportation system for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In the time since the Mobility 2035 – 2013 Update was adopted transportation partners have continued to develop and refine projects recommended in the long-range plan. The plan will be strategically amended to accurately reflect the latest project-level assumptions for a small number of corridors. These strategic amendments will allow projects to meet critical deadlines and progress towards implementation. The Mobility 2035 – 2014 Amendment is expected to be adopted by the Regional Transportation Council on November 13, 2014..


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Mobility 2035 - 2013 Update

Document by Chapter (NOTE: All documents are in PDF format)


Frequently Referenced Maps 

Additional Maps:
Animated Congestion by Time of Day  I  Levels of Congestion - 2013 and 2035
Travel Time Maps  I  Other Transportation Maps


Fact Sheet   Executive Summary   Standard Presentation

Administrative Revisions
Non-RSA Listing (March 2014)
Regional Tolling Analysis (January 2014)

Mobility 2035 - 2013 Goals


  • Improve the availability of transportation options for people and goods.
  • Support travel efficiency measures and system enhancements targeted at congestion reduction and management.
  • Assure all communities are provided access to the regional transportation system and the planning process.
  • Preserve and enhance the natural environment, improve air quality, and promote active lifestyles.
  • Encourage livable communities which support sustainability and economic vitality.
  • Ensure adequate maintenance and enhance the safety and reliability of the existing transportation system.
  • Pursue long-term sustainable revenue sources to address regional transportation system needs.
  • Provide for timely project planning and implementation.
  • Develop cost-effective projects and programs aimed at reducing the costs associated with constructing, operating, and maintaining the regional transportation system.

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