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Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Planning Organization 40th Anniversary

The North Central Texas Council of Governments is celebrating its 40th anniversary as the region’s metropolitan planning organization.

Throughout 2014, the Transportation Department will look back at some historic events and accomplishments that shaped the region while also looking forward to the future.

This month, the focus is on the importance of youth involvement in the future of transportation.

Logo: Regional Transportation Council 40th Anniversary

Today’s students see things differently than their parents do, which can be beneficial in coming up with new ideas to improve mobility and air quality. Students also have a different way of doing things. Studies show driving-age youth aren’t as attached to personal vehicles as older generations and envision a different ideal transportation system for the region. Their opinions are important and can help shape the transportation system of tomorrow. Read more in Local Motion >>>

The Future of Transportation, According to Area Elementary School Students

The creativity of kids these days never ceases to amaze us. Floating limos, vehicles propelled by wind turbines, and cars powered by cats are all mentioned in our new video where we asked fourth-graders at C.M. Soto Elementary School in Oak Cliff how they think they will travel in the future.

We also recently asked Arlington ISD sixth- and seventh-graders about the future of transportation. Students illustrated how they think they will get to work on their 40th birthdays, and their artwork is part of Progress North Texas 2014: The Story of Transportation in Dallas-Fort Worth.

First Place - Progress North Texas art contest
First Place: Dawna Berry,
6th grade, Butler Elementary


Second Place - Progress North Texas art contest
Second Place: Victor Pichardo,
6th grade, Anderson Elementary

Third Place - Progress North Texas art contest
Third Place (tie): Giang Tran,
6th grade, Beckham Elementary


Third Place - Progress North Texas Art Contest
Third Place (tie): Natalie Hernandez,
6th grade, Lynn Hale Elementary


How much did an average new car cost in 1974?

A. $2,500
B. $3,750
C. $5,000
D. $7,450

Answer on the NCTCOG Transportation Facebook page or on Twitter by using @NCTCOGtrans and #DFWMPO40. Those who answer correctly will be entered in a random drawing for a tumbler.

Photo: Aerotrain


Via Instagram / Facebook: While we’re focusing on visions of futuristic transportation, we thought we’d share this example from our archives. The “Aerotrain” was 33 feet long and would have traveled more than 200 mph.

This is cool, but we like what the kids have come up with better.   #DFWMPO40 #transpo #FlashbackFriday

Looking ahead, tell us what you think: Getting younger generations involved in the transportation planning process is more important than ever. Recent studies show younger people are driving less, embracing car-sharing, bike-sharing and riding transit. This impacts future decisions about transportation and is changing the way we live and work, even here in North Texas. Our region’s long-term transportation plan not only includes roadway plans, but also includes programs and projects aimed at eliminating or reducing vehicle trips. What more can be done to get younger people involved in the planning process? Tell us using the #DFWMPO40 hashtag. 

Cost of Living in 1974

Gasoline: $0.55 per gallon
New house: $34,900
Average income: $13,869 per year
Average rent: $185 per month
Tuition to Harvard University: $3,200 per year
Movie ticket: $1.75
United States postage stamp: $0.10 each
Granulated sugar: $0.67 for 5 pounds
Vitamin D milk: $1.56 per gallon
Ground coffee: $1 per pound
Bacon: $0.89 per pound
Eggs: $0.47 per dozen
Fresh ground hamburger: $0.68 per pound
Fresh baked bread: $0.35 per loaf

Transportation in 1974

    • Dallas/Fort Worth Airport opened in 1974 and is the fourth-busiest airport in the U.S. It served 60.4 million passengers in 2013. Infographic: Aviation's Impact on North Texas

    • In 1974, Volkswagen's Golf first enters production, as the replacement for well-loved but antiquated Beetle. VW goes on to sell more than 22 million Golfs, and the model, now in its 6th generation, is still in full-scale production.

    • The average hourly wage for construction workers in 1974 equaled $22.99.

The average hourly wage for construction workers in 1974 equaled $22.99.
Source [PDF]

  Infographic: Aviation's Impact on North Texas

Sports in 1974

    • The 10th FIFA World Cup began on June 13, 1974, in Frankfurt, West Germany. West Germany defeated the Netherlands in the final.

Life and Culture in 1974

    • On June 26, 1974, a packet of Wrigley’s chewing gum in a Marsh’s supermarket in Troy, Ohio, was the first marked retail item scanned by a Universal Product Code reader.

    • Henry Heimlich introduced his abdominal thrust technique for rescuing choking victims in an article he published in June 1974.

Famous People Born in June 1974

June 1 - Alanis Morissette, singer-songwriter
June 12 - Hideki Matsui, professional baseball player
June 26 - Derek Jeter, professional baseball player

Dallas-Fort Worth MPO at 40: Reflecting on Accomplishments, Historic Events and More

January 2014: What was Happening in 1974
February 2014: Forty Years of Media and Public Involvement
March 2014: Transportation Options
April 2014: The Regional Transportation Council
May 2014: Air Quality
June 2014: Youth Involvement in Transportation
July 2014: Regional Innovations
August 2014: Public Transportation
September 2014: Technology and Transportation Planning
October 2014: Growth in Population and Transportation
November 2014: Aviation
December 2014: Future of Transportation

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