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Local Motion - photos of the TRE, traffic in the IH 30 managed/HOV lane, Fort Worth, airplane

May 2016

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Lend a hand to our community this ozone season


Ozone season, like warmer weather, is upon us. As the temperature rises, air quality generally worsens, so it is important for North Texans to do their part to lessen emissions in the spring and summer.

Beginning May 2, more attention was brought to the issue of a cleaner air in North Texas and beyond with the celebration of Air Quality Awareness Week. But improving air quality in North Texas requires assistance from everyone every day. NCTCOG operates programs to give residents the tools to contribute. One is Air North Texas, a regional partnership and campaign encouraging individuals, businesses and governments to make clean air choices by promoting behavioral and lifestyle changes that impact their health and the environment.

Participation in Air North Texas is a way for people who call the Dallas-Fort Worth area home to help their neighbors breathe easier during ozone season, which lasts through October. By committing to at least one action to improve the air quality and health in North Texas, anyone – young or old – can help bring the region toward attainment. Residents can also join in on the change by participating in events such as Clean Air Action Day, designated to encourage people to make environmentally friendly choices that could lead to a healthier North Texas. On the first Friday of summer, June 24, North Texans are encouraged to commit to clean air actions and share how they will lend a hand with our community.

Signing up for air pollution alerts is another way to get involved and be a part of the solution. These alerts provide information about when the region's air quality may be unhealthy. An email will be sent with tips to improve air quality and limit time spent outdoors. Sign up for alerts and discover other ways to help improve air quality at

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4.5 million

North Texans has added about 4.5 million people since 1970, bringing the total to near 7 million.

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