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September 2015

RTC approves $4.5M for high speed rail planning


High speed trains are poised to link North Texas to Houston and other metropolitan areas in Texas, and the North Central Texas Council of Governments continues to play a role in planning activities.


Last month, the Regional Transportation Council took a step to assist further with the regional line, as well as coordination activities with the other corridors. The RTC approved the expenditure of $4.5 million through fiscal year 2018 for planning, design, project development and preliminary engineering. The plan calls for $1.5 million per year to be spent on these activities starting in fiscal year 2016.


The money will come from the Regional Toll Revenue funding account. These funds are available to expedite transportation projects throughout the region.


This additional high speed rail funding is made possible through an agreement with Denton County to free up RTR funds for other projects in exchange for more state funding through Proposition 1, a constitutional amendment approved by voters in November to provide additional transportation revenue for non-tolled highway projects.


The RTC’s high speed rail decision was part of a $63.4 million allocation to air quality and management and operations projects and programs to ensure they continue through 2018.


The RTC had allocated high speed rail activities $1.4 million in previous years, allowing NCTCOG to assist with planning activities, including public involvement and ridership projections. For more information on high speed rail, visit:

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$4.5 million

Funding approved by the Regional Transportation Council for planning related to regional high speed rail activities.

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