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There are few things in transportation more exciting than automated vehicles, smart traffic signals and guaranteed travel speeds. This past year, the North Central Texas Council of Governments established a new program area to study automated vehicles and related topics. While there is tremendous momentum behind vehicle automation, there are many more examples of how we are using technology to reshape the future.

Progress North Texas 2017: Moving into the Future Using Innovative Transportation Technologies examines how technology is at work in transportation planning.

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                                                           Progress North Texas Art

We asked Grand Prairie ISD students to help us illustrate the meaning of "Moving into the Future Using Innovative Transportation Technologies." We received some exceptional entries. We would like to congratulate the winners and thank Grand Prairie ISD for helping us make this one of the most successful art contests yet. The winner's artwork will appear on the cover on the cover of Progress North Texas 2017.

  • 2ND / 3RD PLACE


Second Place, Sean Martin, 7th Grade, Grand Prarie Fine Arts Academy
2nd Place Sean Martin, 7th Grade Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy. Advancing technology as flying cars and a rhyno style robot hovercycle fly above a city with older vehicles still using the older highways as part of student art contest.
Third Place, Valere Martinez, 6th grade, Young Women's Leadership Academy
3rd Place Valere Martinez, 6th grade Young Women's Leadership Acadmey. This flying cars over a surrealistic buildings, a giant tree, and a giant athelete status.


Honorable Mention: Maritza Pineda Gonzalez, 6th grade Young Women's Leadership Academy

Honorable mention Maritza Pineda Gonzalez 6th grade Young Women's Leadership Academy. This perspective portrays the Noppera-bō of the future riding a robotic dog/pony under a chibaku moon.

Honorable Mention: Gavin Morales, 7th grade, Truman Middle School

Honorable mention Gavin Morales 7th grade Truman Middle School. Gavin invisions an arcade style steel dance pad somehow being used in transportation- perhaps through teleportation or time/space travel?

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