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Progress North Texas

The North Central Texas Council of Governments values and understands the importance of keeping the public safe and works daily with partners to implement programs that better secure the lives of the public in the region.

Safety planning is multidisciplinary effort. The programs include The Four “E’s: of Transpiration Safety: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Response. These areas are aimed to reduce fatalities and serious injuries. By partnering with agencies and local governments, the North Central Council of Governments is able to continue to work on ensuring safe facilities for bicyclist, pedestrians, and drivers.

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 2016 Progress North Texas Art
Art Contest - First Place

First Place
Erin Logan
8th grade
Tison Middle School

Art Contest - Second Place

Second Place

Yissel Lazo
8th grade
Tison Middle School

Art Contest - Third Place

Third Place
Corbin Duncan
8th grade
Tison Middle School

Art Contest - Third Place

Honorable Mention
Amya Carr-McGowan
8th grade
Tison Middle School

Art Contest - Honorable Mention

Making Transportation Safer for You

For the fifth year, student artwork is featured in Progress North Texas. The North Central Texas Council of Governments invited Weatherford ISD eight-graders to illustrate how they would make transportation safer. The theme was carried throughout this year’s report, with a focus on how NCTCOG and its partners are making the system more efficient and safer for the people who live, work and go to school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The winning entries are featured in the printed version of Progress North Texas 2016:  Making Transportation Safer for You.  

This is the cover image for the Progress North Texas publication and link to the PDF

Message from the Chair

Moving People throughout the region and the world is important if we are to remain vibrant, continuing to attract new residents in search of better jobs and a strong quality of life. That is only part of the picture. You must have the confidence that the system under continued development will get you to your destination safely. With this in mind, we are focusing this year on the safety of the transportation system. We examine work done in 2015 on the roadway, transit and active transportation systems, emphasizing what is being done to improve safety.   More >>>

North Texas Today

After years of strong growth, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has reached a significant population milestone. More than 7 million people live in the 16-county region. The region continues to add more than 1 million new residents per decade and grew about 10 percent from 2010-2014, out pacing expansion at the state and national levels over the same period.  More >>>

Safer Roads

NCTCOG is implementing and supporting projects and programs intended to make the region’s transportation system safer. Training first responders through Traffic Incident Management courses helps ensure roadway incidents will be cleared quickly and efficiently. NCTCOG and its partner agencies are also continuing to work together to implement projects that will reduce wrong-way driving crashes.   More >>>

Traffic Management

Management of roadway incidents is essential to the reliability of and mobility on the region’s transportation system. The Traffic Incident Management Training Program was developed to improve transportation system reliability, while making roads safer for first responders and the driving public. The program helps increase awareness of safety issues, improve multi-agency coordination, reduce response and clearance times for traffic incidents, and build partnerships among responding agencies.   More >>>

Vehicle Technology Initiatives

New technologies are creating more travel options, helping people get to doctor’s appointments without a car, use transit more efficiently and share rides to work or special events. A significant investment was made in 2014 in active transportation options, including pieces of a regional trail that will ultimately provide better access to parks, nature areas, schools and businesses in the heart of the region.   More >>>

Planes, Trains and Buses

North Texas' aviation industry continues its rapid expansion, aided in part by the opportunities opened at Dallas Love Field following the October 2014 expiration of flight restrictions imposed by the Wright Amendment. In 2015, Love Field served 14,497,498 passengers, an increase of 54 percent. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport saw its traffic increase by more than 650,000 passengers (1 percent). More >>>

Moving Goods Across the Region

As the freight movement in the region grows, it is important to understand the different elements of the network. From airports to truck routing on the region’s freeways, and railroad movements, the freight network is a large and complex system that cities, the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the state are committed to making safe and efficient.   More >>>

Active Transportation

The region’s active transportation network provides an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to walk and bicycle daily for a variety of purposes. The North Central Texas Council of Governments continues to work with local governments to ensure safe bicycle and pedestrian facilities within the region. The number of existing, funded and planned trails and on-street bicycle facilities in the region grows each year. As more facilities are constructed, a greater percentage of the population gains access to the network.   More >>>

Public Involvement

While cooperation among agencies is important for the continued development of a safe, efficient transportation system, NCTCOG also relies on the public to help drive the process. An engaged and empowered region is a key ingredient to a world-class transportation system, whether residents are participating in the planning process through public meetings or spreading the word about specific campaigns to their family and friends.   More >>>

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