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Progress North Texas
A transportation project doesn't just happen. Once a need is identified, it takes years to plan and build the project before people can use it to get where they need to go. And whether a road, rail line or bicycle-pedestrian trail is the focus, it takes a team approach to make an improvement reality.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments plays a part in this process, working with transportation partners and the public to make sure the needs of residents and employers are met. There are certainly challenges, such as the region's rapidly increasing population and a transportation funding shortfall. But this team approach helps North Texas navigate these and other hurdles.

Progress North Texas 2014 is dedicated to providing an update on transportation advances over the past year and looking into the future to ensure that the quality of life residents enjoy today will be preserved for years to come. There are many success stories related to transportation. In this report, you will read about a few of them.   

The Story of Transportation in Dallas-Fort Worth
For the third year, student artwork is featured in Progress North Texas. The North Central Texas Council of Governments invited Arlington ISD sixth- and seventh-graders to illustrate how they think they will get to work on their 40th birthdays. The theme centered on the 40th anniversary of the metropolitan planning organization. The winning entries are featured in the printed version of Progress North Texas 2014:  The Story of Transportation in Dallas-Fort Worth. [PDF, 37 MB] All of the artwork entered is included in the slideshow. Progress North Texas 2014 highlights transportation advances over the past year and looks ahead to the future.

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Art Contest - First Place
First Place: Dawna Berry
6th grade, Butler Elementary

Art Contest - Second Place
Second Place: Victor Pichardo
6th grade, Anderson Elementary

Art Contest - Third Place
Third Place (tie): Natalie Hernandez
6th grade, Lynn Hale Elementary

Art Contest - Third Place
Third Place (tie): Giang Tran
6th grade, Beckham Elementary

Art Contest - Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention: Patricia Izaguirre
6th grade, Butler Elementary

Art Contest - Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention: Cameron Tripplett, 6th grade, Crouch Elementary

The Transportation Story 40 Years in the Making
Today, NCTCOG is responsible for transportation and air quality planning for 12 counties. In 2014, we are celebrating the successes the region has enjoyed throughout the decades. We have added a staggering 4 million residents over the past four decades, and our transportation system has matured over the years to accommodate the influx of people. More >>>

Strategically Addressing Transportation Needs
Asset management relies on business principles to strategically address the region's transportation needs. This method of transportation improvement determines the most cost-effective priorities through a combination of data, risk-assessment strategies and input from the public and providers. More >>>

Air Quality, Transportation Closely Linked
NCTCOG has been working on improving the air quality in the region for years. During this period, some standards were revoked and others were added to protect health. FWTAransportation Department has championed air quality planning efforts because almost 50 percent of ozone precursor emissions come from on-road vehicles. More >>>

Growth by Millions
North Texas is currently the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the nation, with a population of almost 7 million people. The region has been expanding since 1900. The region has been attracting an average of more than 100,000 people per year for decades, but is not growing uniformly across the region. Transportation planners monitor various types of travel data so the right decisions are made in the right places to ensure efficient and equitable use of limited funding. More >>>

Strategic, Coordinated Infrastructure Investments
Over the last year, approximately $1.5 billion (construction costs) in major roadway and transit projects were completed and opened to traffic, including construction of the first phase of the Loop 12/State Highway 114 interchange in Irving, as well as the completion of the DFW Connector. More >>>

Aviation's Impact on North Texas
North Texas is a unique major inland port that relies heavily on its airport system for sustained growth. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which has the third-most flights in the world and eighth-highest number of passengers, is a global hub for air transportation. More >>>

Moving Goods in the Region
Transporting freight is a key component of the North Texas regional economy. The region’s location at the center of one of the nation’s major trade corridors offers the freight industry access to a variety of modes of transportation for moving goods. This access allows for the timely and efficient delivery of shipments, helping to reduce costs, thereby increasing savings for the region’s consumers. More >>>

Enhancing Safety, Reliability
Safety and reliability are crucial components of a multimodal transportation system serving millions of residents. North Texas’ size means it will always have areas that need to be addressed. One way planners are able to pinpoint problems is through the Congestion Management Process. More >>>

Input from North Texans Determine Transportation Plans
This report has demonstrated the work being done over the past year to move closer to meeting the goals of the metropolitan transportation plan, Mobility 2035. It is easy to see progress in some areas, such as mobility improvement. Massive roadway and rail expansion continues in all directions. But NCTCOG is also concentrating on improvements to quality of life, system sustainability and implementation. The Transportation Department is working with its regional partners to ensure all these goals can be met. It all takes resources and planning. One of the most important resources is you. More >>>

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