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To continue to meet the diverse transportation needs of North Texas, NCTCOG must listen intently to residents and businesses. With rapid advances in communication, the Transportation Department is rethinking the distribution of information.

Many people's schedules prevent them from driving across town for an afternoon or evening meeting, even when they may have a compelling reason to attend. Maybe their neighborhood is going to be affected by a proposed roadway project, and they want more information on the construction phase. Perhaps a sidewalk they need to get from home to the rail station down the street is up for discussion. The RTC discusses such issues on a regular basis. With live streaming, anyone, anywhere can watch as these and other crucial transportation decisions are made. Recordings of RTC sessions, public meetings and other meetings are also available for residents to watch at when convenient.

Since September 2015, RTC meetings have been streamed live on the internet. This option, available by clicking the "live" tab, is growing in popularity. Data shows approximately 61 percent more people per month watched the live streaming in 2016.


Public meetings are also undergoing changes in an effort to effectively deliver information to stakeholders. An analysis of public meeting attendance indicated that for some topics, a full series of meetings is not necessary. In such cases, it may be more effective to hold one public meeting and post a recording online. In other instances, it is more effective to provide the public with opportunities to comment online.

When major policy changes, such as a new Metropolitan Transportation Plan, are under consideration, residents will still have numerous opportunities to attend public meetings and comment. The goal of this approach is to foster a continuing dialogue with residents and ensure the right tools are being used to communicate information to busy people.


Social Media

The department also interacts with residents on social media, maintaining a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo. Facebook and Twitter are the department's primary social media channels, and they continue to expand substantially. In 2016, NCTCOG's Facebook audience grew 19 percent, while its Twitter following increased by 24 percent.


Understanding that people respondwell to visualization, the department is using more graphics in social media posts. And the results can be seen in increased reach and engagement. Advertising is also an important part of the department's social media strategy.

Education and Outreach

The department is also focused on inspiring young people to become involved in planning and other aspects of transportation. One of the best ways NCTCOG has found to reach people of all ages has been through involvement in community events. In 2016, the Transportation Department participated in 12 community fairs, celebrations and back-to-school events attended by more than 140,000 people of all ages.



A chart showing the distribution of the NCTCOG Transportation Department's social media audience.


Reaching Students


Through its involvement in STEM programs, the NCTCOG Aviation Education Program seeks to inspire young people to pursue careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With North Texas school districts' high
participation rate in STEM programs, students are likely wellprepared to meet the aviation industry's demand for a skilled labor force.

The demand for aviation will continue to grow in North Texas and with it a workforce willing and able to fly planes and keep them operating safely and efficiently. In addition to STEM, which also prepares students with an interest in becoming pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft mechanics or aviation economists, NCTCOG is using technology to reach students. It partnered with aviation and aerospace companies, as well as educational institutions last year to develop FLYBY DFW, a mobile computer game available for Apple and Android devices.


The Transportation Department also reaches the public through educational campaigns such as Look Out Texans, which uses 21 tips to encourage residents to bike, walk and drive safely. Targeted outreach occurred through social media, online videos, videos airing on local government cable channels and safety tip announcements on digital display boards at strategic locations. Packets of bicycle and pedestrian safety information were also distributed to elementary and middle schools.

NCTCOG will continue to identify new ways to reach the public with the ultimate goal of inspiring more participation in transportation planning and program development. More informed participants means better decisions. And better decisions will lead to safer, more efficient travel. For more information or to become involved, visit


A chart showing the NCTCOG Transportation Department's Facebook Engagement.


The Transportation Department is using more graphics in an effort to connect with its social media audience. The Facebook engagement Rate averaged about 4.5 percent in 2016, peaking in June at 5.1 percent.


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