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Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for reading Progress North Texas 2017: Moving into the Future Using Innovative Transportation Technologies. This year, we are examining how innovation will help planners meet the transportation needs of the Dallas-Fort Worth area as it continues to grow. There are few things in transportation more exciting than automated vehicles, smart traffic signals and guaranteed travel speeds. This past year, the North Central Texas Council of Governments established a new program area to study these topics.

This is a photo from our Progress North Texas chair for 2016 Parker County Judge Mark Riley
Ron Jensen

And while there is tremendous momentum behind vehicle automation, there are many more examples of how we are using technology to reshape the future. The work to bring high-speed rail to Texas is moving ahead, and NCTCOG is involved in efforts to connect local residents to other cities in Texas and beyond. Texas has embraced its role as a leader in transportation technology, and we are excited our region is playing a part in helping move these concepts to reality.

The transportation industry has relied on innovation for a number of years to ensure adequate funding for roads, rail and bicycle-pedestrian trails. Those efforts continue, as does the use of technology to help make travel easier. For some, that means mobile apps, while others may benefit more by increased reliability on specific roadway corridors. We will cover these and other topics
in this year’s annual report, which we hope informs and inspires
you to become involved in the transportation planning process.

As chair of the Regional Transportation Council, I am fortunate to lead some of the brightest transportation policymakers and
planners in the nation. Together, we are working to continue developing a comprehensive transportation system that meets
the diverse needs of our residents. In a region of 7 million-plus residents, this is not a job that can be accomplished with a few people.

The best system is developed after consultation with the people who use it every day. You have many opportunities to shape the debate, and we are examining how we operate, with the goal of continued transparency so you can more easily communicate with us. I invite you to read this report and discuss it with your family, friends and colleagues. Please become part of the process. With your assistance, we can continue building a transportation system that is safer and more reliable, providing choices of how to move throughout the region and State.


Ron Jensen
Mayor, City of Grand Prairie
Chair, Regional Transportation Council


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