North Central Texas Council of Governments Transportation Department

Rail Station Access:
Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs Assessment

GIS Data

Below you may download a zipped file containing geographic data files that may be used with geographic information system (GIS) software to make your own custom maps.  The files are provided in ESRI shapefile format.  These may be used in ArcView or any other GIS that will import shapefiles.

The files use the NAD 1983 StatePlane Texas North Central (feet) coordinate system.  The records in each shapefile also contain various attributes, such as the city and route name,  which may be useful to you.

The 16 layers included are as follows:
  Existing on-street routes
  Existing off-street routes
  Existing sidewalks
  Existing greenwalks
  Existing curb cuts
  Funded on-street routes
  Funded off-street routes
  Funded greenwalks
  Recommended on-street routes
  Recommended off-street routes
  Recommended sidewalks
  Recommended greenwalks
  Needed curb cuts
  Rail line (2008)
  Rail stations (2008)
  Regional Veloweb (planned)

Download GIS Data files (zipped - 1.7 MB)