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The Regional Veloweb


Staff are in the process of developing Mobility 2040, the next long-term metropolitan transportation plan. Draft recommendations are expected to be available in late 2015, and the Regional Transportation Council is expected to approve the new plan in spring 2016.  For more information about Mobility 2040 click here.


Click on the expandable blue bar below for draft maps of the 2040 Veloweb and On-Street Bicycle Network.




Draft 2040 Veloweb and On-Street Bicycle Network                                                     Click here to view the draft Veloweb maps


The following draft county-wide maps identify the updated proposed 2040 Regional Veloweb, local paths and existing and planned on-street bikeway networks in further detail. These maps reflect the updates and revisions that have been provided since the May 20, 2015 meeting of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC).  For more information or to provide additional comments, please contact Kevin Kokes at 817-695-9275 or

Draft 2040 Veloweb and On-Street Bikeway Maps – December 2015



Draft 2040 Veloweb and On-Street Bikeway Maps – May 2015


The following draft maps reviewed at the May 20, 2015 BPAC meeting identify proposed updates to the current Regional Veloweb adopted as part of Mobility 2035 – 2014 Amendment.  The draft maps identify the existing adopted Regional Veloweb (2035) and are overlaid with the proposed 2040 Veloweb.  The maps also identify other local paths (existing or planned) that support the Veloweb network, as well as the existing and planned on-street bikeway network in communities throughout the region.




The Regional Veloweb is a 1,728 mile network of existing and planned off-street, shared-use paths (trails) designed for use by bicyclists, pedestrians, and other non-motorized forms of active transportation in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The network of shared-use paths serves as a system of off-road transportation facilities for bicyclists and other users that extends and completes the region’s roadway and passenger rail transit network. The Regional Veloweb has planned connections in 10 counties and 117 cities in North Texas.  It is the “interstate” for bicyclists and pedestrians. 

The Regional Veloweb is adopted by the Regional Transportation Council, the transportation policy body of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, as part of the long-term metropolitan transportation plan for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Corridors identified on the Veloweb as “planned” may be prioritized for future funding. Cities and counties within the region are responsible for the planning and implementation of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and amenities. The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) takes those plans and promotes connections throughout the region, with a focus on alternative commute routes.

The Veloweb alignment was determined through the cooperative efforts of local governments and NCTCOG staff by:

  • Identifying existing and funded trails
  • Reviewing locally planned bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Locating routes that would provide air quality benefits or access to transit stations
  • Identifying an alignment that would offer the greatest potential for regional connectivity

The primary design considerations of these regional shared-use paths (trails) include:

  • Easy access to neighborhoods, schools, parks, transit stops, employment centers, shopping, and other common trip destinations.
  • Minimum 12-foot width for heavily traveled shared-use paths.
  • 16- to 24-foot sections or separated facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists in areas with high peak-volumes of users.
  • Long-lasting impervious surfaces.
  • Grade-separated crossings of roadways with significant traffic flow.
  • Few, if any, signalized or stop sign intersections.

Click here to view a map of the implementation status of the Regional Veloweb included in the Mobility 2035 – 2013 Update.

Click here for the veloweb brochure.   

Please e-mail Kevin Kokes at to request the Regional Veloweb shapefiles.

Fort Worth to Dallas Trail Connection: Pulling the Region Together

A coordination meeting held by NCTCOG in November 2013 brought together the Mayors from the five core cities of the Dallas-Fort Worth region to discuss the idea of a Regional Trail from Downtown Fort Worth to Downtown Dallas. The participating cities included Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Irving, and Dallas.

The trail alignment discussed would be a total of 64 miles once completed; approximately 53 miles currently exist or are funded for construction.

The area Mayors highlighted the trail as a resource and asset to their communities from an economic development perspective and tourism aspect, as well as the benefits to health and reduction of congestion that alternative transportation routes can offer.  The additional 11 miles needed to be constructed will cost approximately $16M and federal and state grant funds are being sought by the Region.

Fort Worth to Dallas Trail Connection Map (updated November 2015) -[PDF] 6 MB

This is one of many Regional Trail projects within the Regional Veloweb trail system that is focused on connecting communities, bridging barriers, and also making connections to housing, employment, and entertainment areas within the region.

For a snapshot of other regionally significant trail systems, click the following link: Regional Trails Brochure and Map

For more information please contact Kevin Kokes at (817) 695-9275 or


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