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Southern Dallas County Infrastructure Analysis


Through a partnership of the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the Cities of Dallas, Ferris, Hutchins, Lancaster, and Wilmer, and Dallas County, a need was recognized to perform an infrastructure and facilities assessment of a portion of Southern Dallas County, which will aid in long range planning for the jurisdictions within the study area and sound development for the region.

Representatives from local governments within the study area were appointed by their agencies to participate on the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) and representatives from the developer and landowner community were also elected to provide input to the process. The PAC is a group that oversees the day to day coordination with the lead consultant firm, Wilbur Smith, that was hired by the local governments to perform the analysis. The PAC coordinates public notices, arrangements/scheduling for public meetings, provides local data and public planning documents to the consultant, and is the lead point of coordination for their organization. Please feel free to contact the members listed below for additional information about your area's involvement in the project. All public input into the process is welcome through the comment form under Public Outreach Events section below.

PAC Member Name E-Mail
City of Dallas Heather Lepeska
City of Ferris Chuck Dart
City of Hutchins Ronnie O'Brien
City of Lancaster Rona Stringfellow-Govan
City of Wilmer Mayor A. Hector Casarez
Dallas County Rick Loessburg
Developer Mike Rader
Landowner Clyde Hargrove
NCTCOG Karla Weaver

An Infrastructure Analysis Report was created which provides a development framework and implementation program that will support growth of a high-quality, well-integrated Inland Port in Southern Dallas County that spurs additional high-quality and orderly commercial, industrial, and residential development.  The analysis focused on infrastructure related to transportation, potable water, sanitary sewer, storm water/drainage, and private/franchise utilities.



A planning area is defined as IH 35 E on the west, Loop 12 on the north, the general Dallas County/Ellis
County line on the south, including the current city limits of Ferris, and the Trinity River on the east.

Click this image for a larger map of southern dallas project boundary

 Scope, Tasks, and Schedule

The project was conducted in two phases.  Phase I focused on a review of past planning efforts to determine if there was a need to do more extensive infrastructure analysis and planning. Because it was determined that more infrastructure analysis was required, Phase 2, authorized in February 2011, started work on a needs assessment that resulted in a Capital Improvement Infrastructure Phasing Plan in October 2012.

1 – Public Involvement and Outreach (Phases 1 & 2)
2 – Historic Review/Inventory of Existing Plans and Documents (Phase 1)
3 – Demographics Alternatives Analysis and Economics (Phase 2)
4 – Infrastructure Capacity and Needs Assessment (Phase 2)
5 – Creation of Infrastructure Analysis Report (Phase 2)
         - For full list of documents reviewed and the Final Report, see Documents below.

Phase 1 was completed in early 2011, and Phase 2 was completed in October 2012.

Click here for Public Outreach Events
The Southern Dallas County Infrastructure Analysis project is being guided by a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) that includes representatives from each of the Project Partners, as well as two additional members. There is one additional member representing developers active in the study area and one representing major land owner interests.  These members are charged with keeping their organizations briefed on study issues and activities.

The following events were conducted to receive public input and comments. 

Click here for  Documents

Final Report (October 2012) - Full Report

Final Report by Section (October 2012)
Executive Summary
Section 1  Introduction
Section 2  Demographic and Economic Analysis
Section 3 Water Infrastructure Assessment
Section 4 Wastewater Infrastructure Assessment
Section 5 Stormwater Infrastructure Assessment
Section 6 Transportation Infrastructure Assessment
Section 7 Private Sector Utilities Assessment
Section 8 Conclusions and Recommendations
Appendix A   Historical Document Review
Appendix B   Public Involvement
Appendix C   Detailed Water Cost Estimates
Appendix D   Detailed Wastewater Cost Estimates
Appendix E   Detailed Stormwater Cost Estimates
Appendix F   Funding Options for Water, Wastewater and Stormwater
Appendix G  Transportation Policy and Design Strategies

Previous DRAFT versions of the SDCIA
DRAFT Report (August 2012)
DRAFT Report (June 2012)

Under Phase 1, the consultant team has reviewed the following list of plans, studies, and documents pertaining to the study area. All documents are in Portable Document Format (pdf).



Chapter 51A: Article XIII: Form Districts

City of Dallas

Trinity River Corridor Comprehensive Land Use Plan [17 MB]

City of Dallas

Southern Dallas County Texas: A Strategy for Developing the Southern Dallas Logistics Hub

City of Dallas

Draft Dallas Intermodal Terminal Emissions Inventory

City of Dallas

Environmental Working Group Presentation

City of Dallas

Environmental Working Group Draft of Final Document

City of Dallas

The UNT - Dallas Area Plan Implementation Program

City of Dallas

City of Ferris Planning Study: Volume 1

City of Ferris

City of Ferris Planning Study: Volume 2 (Zoning Ordinance)

City of Ferris

Water, Wastewater, & Road Impact Fee Update [6 MB]

City of Hutchins

TWPD CWSRF-09 Application: City of Hutchins Wastewater System Improvements:
Preliminary Engineering Report

City of Hutchins

Design Standards for the Lancaster Campus District

City of Lancaster

Phase One - Due Diligence (for Downtown Development Plan)

City of Lancaster

The Lancaster Medical District Master Plan

City of Lancaster

Master Thoroughfare Plan

City of Lancaster

Water Master Plan [5 MB]

City of Lancaster

Wastewater Master Plan

City of Lancaster

Lancaster Municipal Airport Master Plan City of Lancaster

Lancaster Airport Sector Plan

City of Lancaster

City of Wilmer, Texas Community Plan 2030 [10 MB]

City of Wilmer

City of Wilmer Water and Wastewater Capital Improvement Plan [21 MB] City of Wilmer

2005 Update to the City of Dallas Long Range Water Supply Plan

Dallas Water Utilities

Dallas Water Capital Infrastructure Assessment and Hydraulic Modeling Report [13 MB]

Dallas Water Utilities

Comprehensive Wastewater Collection System Assessment  [21 MB]

Dallas Water Utilities

Dallas County I-45 Waterline Project (Preliminary Draft) Dallas County

2030 Transit System Plan


Labor Market Assessment for Southern Dallas with Emphasis on Key Target Industries Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce
A Re-evaluation of Greater Dallas Chamber's Industrial Recruitment Targets Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Mobility 2030: The Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the Dallas-Fort Worth Area:
2009 Amendment


Cotton Belt Conceptual Engineering and Funding Study NCTCOG
Frisco Corridor Conceptual Engineering and Funding Study NCTCOG
McKinney Corridor Conceptual Engineering and Funding Study NCTCOG
2011-2014 Transportation Improvement Program NCTCOG
Rail Station Access Studies NCTCOG
Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex: America's Global Logistics Center North Texas Commission
Demographic Trends and Educational Attainment in DFW Metro Area North Texas Future Fund
IIPOD Competitive Assessment and Opportunities Study  (Coming Soon) Office of Economic Development, City of Dallas
Final Report (Study Commission on Region C Water Supply) Texas Water Development Board (Region C)
Dallas Logistics Hub Development Submittal and Zoning Amendment for City of Dallas
      Master Plan [19 MB]
      Drainage [16 MB]
The Allen Group
Dallas Logistics Hub City of Hutchins Comp Plan, Rezoning, and Zoning Text Amendment
      Zoning [7 MB]
      Drainage [10 MB]
The Allen Group
Dallas Logistics Hub Development Submittal Comp Plan and Planned Development Amendment for City of Lancaster
      Master Plan [8 MB]
The Allen Group
Dallas Logistics Hub Master Drainage Plan Submittal to the City of Wilmer [7 MB] The Allen Group
Draft Dallas Logistics Hub Southeast Dallas County Thirty Year Impact Analysis The Allen Group
The University of North Texas Dallas Campus Master Plan - 2005 UNT Board of Regents
Targeting Business Opportunities in Southern Dallas UNT Center for Economic Development and Research
North Texas 2050 [13 MB] Vision North Texas


The following documents will be prepared and posted on this web site as they become available.



Draft Historic Document Summary Report

Due Spring 2011

Technical Summary Report on Population, Employment, and Housing

Due Fall 2011

Technical Report on Capital Improvement Infrastructure Staging Plan

Due Winter 2012

Final Infrastructure Analysis Report

Due Spring 2012


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