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Events and Training


For more information on events and training opportunities related to school siting and safety and access to schools, please review the following event materials and training webinars.

School Siting


RTC Workshop:  Community Schools and Transportation

October 8, 2015


NCTCOG staff hosted a workshop in October 2015 to introduce elected officials on the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) and school district superintendents and school board members to the new Community Schools and Transportation Program, and give an overview of upcoming activities and opportunities to be involved. Additional topics of discussion included the Look Out Texans! safety education campaign and air quality school-related initiatives, such as the Clean School Bus Program.

RTC School Policy Meeting

November 19, 2013

In 2013, the Regional Transportation Council adopted a Policy Supporting School Districts, encouraging participation in activities and programs such as the Clean School Bus Program, school siting coordination, and programs that advance the safety of children traveling to and from school. The meeting held in November of 2013 included a discussion of the new school policy, current activities and upcoming opportunities related to school siting and transportation connections, and funding for an upcoming “Safe Routes to Schools” type program. Elected officials, Independent School District (ISD) superintendents and school board members were invited to attend.

Presentation to a Joint Committee of the Denton City Council and Denton ISD

March 5, 2012

During the March 5, 2012 meeting, NCTCOG staff delivered a presentation on school siting and transportation coordination. Following the meeting, the City and ISD worked with NCTCOG to identify sidewalk needs near school sites, assemble bicycle and pedestrian safety and outreach materials for students, identify planned roadway construction projects within the ISD’s jurisdiction, and coordinate Safe Routes to School (SRTS) application materials.

Kickoff Meeting

April 27, 2010

The Regional Transportation Council hosted a kickoff meeting on school siting and land use/transportation connections on April 27, 2010. Elected officials, city staff, ISD superintendents and facility planners were invited to attend.






Introduction to the EPA Smart School Siting Tool

April 20, 2016

Hosted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, this webinar is the first in a two-part webinar series that will introduce participants to the EPA’s new Smart School Siting Tool. The Excel-based tool was designed to help local government and school agencies work together to make better informed decisions about school siting or renovation by considering a broad set of community goals. This webinar will use case studies to provide practical information on how to navigate the tool, answer questions in the tool, and use summaries produced by the tool to support school siting and decision-making.


Using the Tool: Smart School Siting Workshops

April 27, 2016


This webinar is the second in a two-part webinar series that will introduce participants to the EPA’s new Smart School Siting Tool. The goal of the tool is to shed light on the benefits of collaborative planning for key issue areas including land availability, transportation and funding; and can help community members navigate through local priorities to the benefit of all. In this webinar, participants will learn how the tool can be used to engage stakeholders in an inclusive, constructive school siting process.


Location, Location, Location: New Guidance for Locating Schools in a Healthy, Sustainable Way
Topics of discussion include:

    • EPA’s guidelines for the location school facilities
    • The model school siting policies for school districts, developed by Public Health Law & Policy
    • How to use the Active School Neighborhood Checklist developed by the Arizona Department of Transportation
    • The policy recommendations in Helping Johnny Walk to School

National Center for Safe Routes to School

October 11, 2011

60 minutes


Safety and Access to Schools 





Pump Down the Volume: SRTS and Traffic Reduction
In this webinar, speakers take a brief look at the problem of traffic congestion as it relates to SRTS, and then focus on two SRTS programs that have had success in reducing congestion and measuring traffic reductions.


National Center for Safe Routes to School

January 31, 2012

60 minutes


Slowing Drivers Down: Why it Matters and Two Communities’ Solutions
Reducing the speed of traffic is a step toward making routes to school safe. This webinar highlights the strategies used by two communities to successfully slow traffic speeds around schools.


National Center for Safe Routes to School

June 14, 2012

60 minutes


Top Ten SRTS Engineering Treatments for Improving Walking/Bicycling

This webinar provides an overview of the “top ten” SRTS engineering treatments, and provides guidance on how to identify physical barriers to walking and bicycling, how to create SRTS maps, how various treatments will help address safety issues, and how to implement and maintain treatments.


National Center for Safe Routes to School

December 14, 2010

66 minutes


Training Events

5th Safe Routes to School National Conference
April 5-7, 2016
Columbus, OH



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