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Quick Facts

The following statistics describe the 12-county metropolitan planning area of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) region, unless stated otherwise.

    • 127 independent school districts (ISD), but only 111 ISDs with school facilities in the 12 counties.1,2
    • 1,994 public K-12 schools. 3
    • Seventeen percent of the metro area’s population (approximately 1,110,000) are school children under the legal driving age (ages five to 15 years).4

Student Transportation

    •  According to national travel surveys, the percentage of children walking and bicycling to school had decreased from 48 percent in 1969 to 13 percent by 2009.5
    •  In the DFW metro area, only ten percent of students walk or bicycle to school as of 2009. Seventy- two percent of students are driven to school in a private vehicle, and 18 percent in a school bus.6
    •  As more students are driven to school in private vehicles, traffic congestion increases. An estimated ten to 20 percent of morning traffic in the metro area is school-related.5,6
    •  Distance is one of the greatest factors in the decline in walking and bicycling to school. In the metro area, 45 percent of students live more than two miles from school.6
    •  As fewer students live near their school of attendance, school districts must spend more on student transportation. During the 2012-2013 school year, the region’s school districts spent $240 million on student busing (an average of $233 per pupil). That is enough money to construct safe routes to walk and bicycle around every school in the region.2

Transportation Safety


    • As the number of vehicles on the road increases, so too does the risk of collision. In 2013, Texas had the highest number of child traffic fatalities of any state, for all modes of transportation.7

New School Construction


    • From 2007 to 2013, the metro area's school districts constructed 194 new schools, at a cost of $3.8 billion (an average of $21,000 per student at capacity).8





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