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What is Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)?

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is a style of planning and development that encourages pedestrian activity with a mix of higher density employment, housing, and commercial land uses within a half-mile walking distance of a passenger rail station. TOD encourages the choice to bike or walk in combination with transit use through a well-designed, accessible built environment and connected network of bike and pedestrian facilities that reduces automobile dependence.



The Federal Transit Administration awarded the North Central Texas Council of Governments a $1.4 million planning grant to help the region enhance accessibility and development around 28 Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) stations along the system’s Blue and Red lines.  Find out more about the FTA TOD Planning Pilot Grant and awarded 2016 projects:


What's around transit in North Texas?

TOD in North Texas is part of a regional transportation network that not only connects you to thousands of job and housing opportunities, but also includes some of the most exciting destinations in the region. Click the links below for descriptions and directions.


DART: DARTable Gems 


DCTA:  Regional Destinations 


Trinity Railway Express:  Events & Destinations


NCTCOG: Walkable Places, Livable Spaces



NCTCOG supports TOD in the region through a combination of implementation assistance, data collection, and training events.  FWTAOD Implementation Group was created to provide technical assistance for regional partners related to education, planning, and research for TOD projects.  NCTCOG also established a TOD Working Group in partnership with three local transit agencies and staff members from local governments currently served by rail transit.  The Sustainable Development Funding Program has also awarded approximately $124 million to support TOD infrastructure and planning projects throughout the region.  See the TOD Brochure under Hot Topics for more information.


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