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Somervell County

The purpose of Access North Texas is to build partnerships and better coordinate the delivery of transportation services throughout the region.  This can only be accomplished by hearing from you.  In the near future a kick-off meeting will be held, followed by a county-specific meeting in the winter of 2016/2017.  These discussions will allow us to focus our efforts on coordinating service and increasing efficiencies in public and human service transportation, therefore allowing us to better serve older adults, people with disabilities, low-income individuals and other groups with transportation challenges.


In 2013 we noted that Hood County and Somervell County receive public transportation from The Transit System, Inc.  Because of the smaller geography and small populations, creative solutions have encouraged participation from a variety of community partners.  70% of residents commute outside of their community for work, over 30% travelling more than 50 miles.  Strategies to address needs included exploring ways to make bus passes easier to use and coordinating more efficient transportation routes for senior citizen access. 


In 2013 we learned the following key strategies for Hood & Somervell Counties include:

  • Increase service in both counties to address access to all activities,
  • Identify funding sources, and
  • Conduct a meeting for a coordinating committee to discuss ongoing transportation needs.

As we summarize the public transportation needs of today, we request your specific insight.  How has the region changed?  What new challenges are before us?  Have past struggles been overcome?   


To summarize the needs of this community we request input from advocates, public transportation providers, human service agencies, aging and workforce partners, and involved community members.  We welcome you to join us at future events throughout the 16-county region over the next year.  Information about transportation needs and gaps in service as well as strategies that leverage resources and build on coordination efforts already underway will be incorporated into the Access North Texas planning document.


More information will be posted on this web page as it becomes available.


Somervell County Chapter

Appendix C - County by County Supplemental Information



Previous Meetings


Hood, Somervell, and Erath Counties Outreach MeetingFebruary 15, 2017


Flier [pdf]

Presentation [pdf]

Minutes [pdf]



Kickoff Meeting:  August 19, 2016


Flier [pdf]

Presentation [pdf]

Meeting Minutes [pdf]





Kelli Schlicher, Transportation Planner III, (817) 695-9287,



You Can Get Involved

Planning Documents




Current Approved Plan

Access North Texas, adopted March 2018

Somervell County Chapter

Appendix C - County by County Supplemental Information


Prior Planning Documents:    

Access North Texas, adopted October 2013

Click here to download the Hood and Somervell County portion of Access North Texas.



Click here to download the entire Access North Texas plan.


North Central Texas Regional Public Transportation Plan, adopted 2006

Click here to download the 2006 Regional Public Transportation Coordination Plan



For more information, please contact Kelli Schlicher, Transportation Planner III, (817) 695-9287,

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Last updated April 2018


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