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Progress North Texas 2017

Emerging technologies are changing the way the world communicates. Mobile devices help us stay in touch, while empowering us to make decisions quickly and efficiently. NCTCOG and its partners are embracing innovation as an important tool to improve the efficiency of the transportation system. Progress North Texas 2017 looks at how technology is being used to enhance transportation and air quality for more than 7 million people.

Message from the Chair

This year, we are examining how innovation will help planners meet the transportation needs of the Dallas-Fort Worth area as it continues to grow. There are few things in transportation more exciting than automated vehicles, smart traffic signals and guaranteed travel speeds. This past year, the North Central Texas Council of Governments established a new program area to study these topics.   More >>>

Our North Texas

Population and job growth continue to define the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and with large employers moving to the region or expanding their operations, this trend is likely to continue for years to come. The population of the 12-county metropolitan planning area has surged past 7 million for the first time, and projections indicate that by 2040, more than 10 million people will call North Texas home. New residents are coming to the region in search of well-paying jobs and a good quality of life. Between 2010 and 2015, the region added more than 680,000 jobs. Our current population is 7.2 million.  More >>>

Roadway Innovation

NCTCOG strives to stay at the vanguard of transportation advancements, new technologies and innovative programming. NCTCOG's Travel Demand Management Program continues to market alternative forms of transportation to the region's commuters. TEXpress Lanes and peak-period shoulder-use lanes are innovative ways that increase speeds and volume while reducing emissions.  More >>>


Providing the public with transportation choices requires creative thinking. This approach has characterized the activity of NCTCOG and its transportation policymaking body, the Regional Transportation Council, for many years. Two current examples are the TEXpress Lanes on Interstate Highway 30 and the southern extension of SH 360.   More >>>


Vehicle Technologies

Vehicle technologies are some of the most visible examples of innovation in transportation. They improve mobility by creating more travel options, while keeping North Texans safer and helping the environment. In fact, 44 percent of ozone forming emissions (nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds) in the Dallas-Fort Worth area come from on-road vehicles such as passenger cars, buses and trucks.  More >>>


Moving People

Advances in technology continue to change the way people get around. The Federal Transit Administration is funding projects throughout the nation to improve the efficiency of transportation by integrating transit services with innovative technologies. Dallas Area Rapid Transit was awarded $1.2 million to upgrade GoPass into an integrated, multimodal mobile application. The goal is to leverage ride-sharing services to improve access to DART stations, particularly in non-walkable areas underserved by transit.  More >>>


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 2017 Progress North Texas Art

Art Contest - First Place


First Place
Bryce Charles
7th grade
Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy
Teacher: Sharon Miller

Art Contest - Second Place

Second Place

Sean Martin
7th grade
Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy
Teacher: Sharon Miller

Art Contest - Third Place

Third Place
Valere Martinez
6th grade
Young Women's Leadership Academy
Teacher: Taylor Denney

Art Contest - Third Place

Honorable Mention

Maritza Pineda Gonzalez
6th Grade
Young Women's Leadership Academy
Teacher: Taylor Denney

Art Contest - Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention
Gavin Morales
7th grade
Truman Middle School
Teacher: Mary Malone


Moving Goods

NCTCOG has worked with the Texas Department of Public Safety
to develop a data exchange system, where Commercial Vehicle
Enforcement officers will be able to more quickly and securely
obtain driver history information while on the side of the road.   More >>>


NCTCOG and its partner agencies continue their commitment to improving regional traffic safety for all users by supporting and coordinating planning efforts to develop safety policies, programs, and projects. Working with the four E's of transportation safety – Engineering, Enforcement, Education and Emergency Response – NCTCOG is initiating projects to address traffic safety concerns from all sides.  More >>>

Livable Communities

Just as technology is being used to improve the efficiency of the transportation system, communities are embracing it to improve quality of life. Cities are becoming "smart," integrating innovative elements that improve parking, lighting and efficiency. These elements focus on data collection, resource optimization and connectivity.    More >>>

Air Quality

Clean air is easy to take for granted. Yet, it is important to know that many federal,
State and local efforts are underway to protect this precious resource. Since 1991,
North Texas counties have been in nonattainment for ozone, and have been engaged in efforts to reduce emissions, protect health and comply with federal air quality requirements. These efforts have helped reduce ozone concentration levels from 102 parts per billion in 1998 to 80 ppb in 2016, as seen in the chart below. Although progress is being made, continued efforts and innovations are needed to keep up with the recently revised ozone standard and rapid population growth.   More >>>

Outreach and Education

To continue to meet the diverse transportation needs of North Texas, NCTCOG must listen intently to residents and businesses. With rapid advances in communication, the Transportation Department is rethinking the distribution of information.   More >>>


About the Winner

Bryce Charles (age 12) has been a student at Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy, under the tutelage of Sharon Miller, since 2015. Bryce loves art and particularly enjoys drawing futuristic buildings and cars. Bryce also enjoys playing video games. More >>>

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