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Mobility Matters - Images of a freight truck traveling on a highway, downtown Fort Worth, a TRE locomotive, downtown Dallas skyline and highway traffic; Celebrating 35 Years of Regional Transportation Excellence, 1974 - 2009

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5 Groups Who Will Benefit From NCTCOG Aviation Careers Website
Commit to a Change for Ozone Season
Try Parking It Saves Drivers 5M Miles

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5 Groups Who Will Benefit From NCTCOG Aviation Careers Website

With its central location and lack of a seaport, North Texas depends on aviation to help drive the economy. For the industry to continue thriving and meet the needs of residents over the next two decades, aviation-related private companies and public-sector organizations need qualified workers.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments recently launched a website dedicated to providing aspiring pilots and aviation professionals assistance finding the training and tools they need locally. NCTCOG’s Transportation Department staff, with assistance from Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas, worked with a contractor for several months last year to develop the site, which will provide students resources to help them pursue their dreams, but also benefit many others, including their parents. Here is a breakdown of five groups of people who will find the website,, useful.


Photo: Aviation career website
NCTCOG established a website to help students interested in pursuing aviation careers. But it will also meet the needs of supporters in North Texas.

Aviation Careers
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1. Students can benefit with the site’s career planning tool, which will take them through a series of aviation-related occupations, providing average salary, skills required and job outlook for each. There’s information on more than 25 aviation-related careers, including pilots, air traffic controllers, maintenance and operations workers, management positions and aircraft designers. The flight bag is analogous to a shopping bag students can fill with information they want to study more or show their parents. Once they create an account, they can fill the bag with information from the website that might help them make a decision or push them in a new direction.

2. Parents will find information on paying for their children’s education useful. The site provides examples of grants and scholarships, and information on each, including how to apply for the financial aid. Of course, there’s more to paying for college than just tuition. This site provides a breakdown of other expenses, such as room and board, fees and miscellaneous costs, to help parents and their students budget.

3. Educators can find curriculum resources on the new aviation careers website. NCTCOG launched a study in 2008 aimed at helping academic institutions begin or grow aviation programs. It was clear to industry professionals North Texas needed integrated programs that met the needs of students from junior high school to college.

4. Employers benefit by being able to recruit local employees who are both trained to meet their needs and familiar with the region. More than 300 aviation-related businesses dot the landscape of Dallas-Fort Worth, and the new website aggregates them, making it easier for potential employees to find them. There are 500 aviation businesses statewide. Businesses are organized by career type.

5. North Texas will be more prosperous because highly trained and educated residents who know the region will be available to fill jobs. In Texas, the aviation industry employs an estimated 771,000 people and boasts an economic output of $59 billion. As more opportunities open up for students in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, they will be able to receive the necessary education without leaving. This website is a significant step in that direction.

There is also a link to a speakers bureau that was developed as part of the North Texas Aviation Education Initiative. By working with industry leaders to identify the needs going forward and educational institutions to inspire students to receive the necessary training, NCTCOG can continue to play a key role in the future success of the industry.

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Commit to a Change for Ozone Season

Ozone season began March 1, and North Texans are again being asked to look at their daily routines to see how they can help clean the air.

Photo: Little league baseball team on the bench; text says, "Hit ozone out of the park."
What commitment will you make this ozone season to help us breathe clean? Tweet your answers to @NCTCOGtrans using the hashtag #AirNTX.

Air North Texas
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Ten Dallas-Fort Worth area counties (Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, Tarrant and Wise) are in nonattainment for ozone and must comply with federal rules by 2018 or risk losing highway funding.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments is urging businesses, governments and individuals to Be Air Aware by committing to clean-air actions on days when ozone levels are expected to be highest.

Last year, as the campaign began, the focus was on encouraging individuals who live, work and play in North Texas, and public- and private-sector employers to sign up to receive email notifications from Air North Texas when the ozone levels were expected to be high. When they received the emails, individuals and employers who committed to actions were asked to implement them. Now that the public has been introduced to the system, the primary focus this year is on the strategies for improving the air for everyone.

Whether you as a resident want to do your part to encourage a cleaner environment, or your business or government would like to participate in the effort, there are strategies that will help the region meet its ozone goal.

Government commitments can be broken down into three categories: public services, programs and enforcement, and vehicle operations. Businesses can help by examining their operations, communication and employee initiatives, and vehicle operations. Individuals can assist in many ways, including by turning to transit, car- or vanpooling, or telecommuting. Complete lists are available at

Another important change this year is the date of Clean Air Action Day, which has been on July 7 since it debuted. In 2012, it fell on a weekend, requiring a different focus by many participants. Many people don’t work weekends, but they can still consolidate trips, idle less, obey the speed limit and help air quality in other ways. Still, organizers chose to move it to a more visible day in an effort to maximize participation.

Clean Air Action Day will be Friday, June 21 this year and will remain on the first Friday of summer from now on. Start thinking now about how you or your employer can help. All North Texans are invited to become part of  the solution both during ozone season and the remainder of the year. Visit Air North Texas to learn more about Clean Air Action Day.

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Try Parking It Saves Drivers 5M Miles, which allows users to log their alternative commutes and watch the savings add up, has saved Dallas-Fort Worth area commuters 5 million miles. Since 2006, commuters wishing to leave their cars at home have been able to choose from a list of alternatives, including taking transit, telecommuting, bicycling and sharing a ride. Those who have to drive alone can still watch the savings accumulate if they bring their lunch. Since 2010, the website has also allowed users to find carpools to join by providing ridesharing information from the region’s three transit agencies in one location.

Try Parking It
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Graphic: Celebrating 5 million miles saved

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