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TOD Work Task Descriptions


  Development Incentives Audit Description

NCTCOG staff will analyze development incentives currently in place in your city to promote high-quality, transit-oriented developments.  Such tools may include but are not limited to TIF districts, PIDs, BIDs, property tax abatements, incentive zoning, and use of land banking.  Once this analysis is complete, staff will provide recommendations to improve existing development incentives and provide information on potential development incentives that could be implemented.  City staff will be expected to provide the necessary documentation on existing development incentives to NCTCOG staff. 


Infrastructure Audit Description

              NCTCOG staff will analyze current and projected infrastructure issues near the proposed TOD site, such as vehicle access and egress, conditions of roadway facilities, capacity of current and planned roadways, average daily traffic rates, public transit access, transit ridership, bike and pedestrian facilities, and parking.  Staff will make recommendations on infrastructure issues based on this analysis.  City staff may be asked to provide data to NCTCOG staff for purposes of analysis. 


Local Code Audit Description

              NCTCOG staff will review the local zoning codes in your city to determine appropriate use of mixed-use zoning, opportunities to apply form-based coding, balance of residential types and commercial uses, improvements to parking requirements, and opportunities to use Context Sensitive Solutions.  Staff will then make recommendations on potential improvements to local codes to assist with implementation of a successful TOD project.


For more information, please contact Karla Weaver at (817) 608-2376 or


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