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Public Safety Radio Communications / Region 40 Regional Review Committee

firemanPrimary Responsibility Of Committee
The Region 40 Regional Review Committee is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of NCTCOG's Executive Board. This Committee assists the Executive Board in the implementation of the Public Safety Radio Communications Plan for Region 40, which includes counties and municipalities in North Central and North East Texas. In addition, the Committee monitors Federal Communications Commission planning requirements, assesses public safety communications needs, assists with public hearings, and promotes the regional plan.

Number Of Committee Members - 13

Terms Of Membership
Terms of membership are based on staggered two-year terms, although members may be reappointed to retain continuity.

Standard Meeting Date
The Committee meets as needed.

Special Requirements
Committee members should have a knowledge of radio communications and/or the communications structures in which public safety agencies operate.

Current Committee List [PDF]

Contact Information
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