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Targeted Dumper StudyTargeted Dumper Study Enhances Regional 'Stopping Illegal Dumping' Program

Communities in North Central Texas face an ever-growing problem with litter and illegal dumping. The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) and the region’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee, the Resource Conservation Council are continuously challenged to expand and strengthen initiatives to stop illegal dumping. A part of that initiative is to study and document that challenges this region faces regarding illegal dumping. Since 2003 the NCTCOG has conducted two studies regarding illegal dumping, the first was the North Central Texas Council of Governments Targeted Illegal Dumper Study, and the second was the North Central Texas Council of Governments Regional Stop Illegal Dumping Cost/Benefit Analysis Study.

Reed, Stowe & Yanke, LLC, an Austin based firm and now part of RW BECK, INC. was contracted to conduct both studies. The findings from the North Central Texas Council of Governments Targeted Illegal Dumper Study provides information on strategies that can be implemented to helping to curtail illegal dumping, as well as identifying different types of violator profiles normally encountered in this region. The consultants identified seven separate profiles and provided information on how to conduct investigations of illegal dumpsites, identified the applicable laws for illegal dumping, along with the types of characteristics of violators, and much more. The profiles describe violators such as Rural Residents, Urban/Suburban Residents, Drug Labs, Contractors & Remodelers, Illegal Solid Waste Facilities, Private Commercial Haulers, and Business' dealing in oil, solvents, tires, and hazardous wastes.

"It's right on target with the efforts we have going on in the city to clean up neighborhoods and streets," said the former Mayor of Fort Worth Ken Barr. “Education programs can really make a difference in helping people to understand that there are proper ways to throw things away."

This comprehensive effort to increase public awareness and provide resources to local enforcement entities will hopefully convince criminals to reconsider illegally disposing their solid waste, and alter their behavior accordingly.


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