FY20 Juvenile Justice Grant Workshop Registration

All application workshops have been completed.  Please contact NCTCOG Criminal Justice staff if you have questions.

All agencies wishing to submit a new Juvenile Justice application and/or a Juvenile Justice continuation application to the Office of the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division (CJD) must attend an NCTCOG Grant Application Workshop in order to be eligible to apply for FY20 CJD funds.

The purpose of the Juvenile Justice Grant Program is to support projects that prevent violence in and around schools; and to improve the juvenile justice system and develop effective education, training, prevention, diversion, treatment, and rehabilitation programs.

Following the tragic school shooting in Santa Fe, there has been a robust statewide effort to prioritize the safety of all Texas students.  CJD is highlighting the need to prevent security threats in advance through prevention and intervention with at-risk youth.  Projects geared towards school safety will be given priority under this announcement.

Important: Read the Juvenile Justice Program Funding Announcement below to determine if your agency is eligible to apply and that your proposed project fits within the eligibility criteria.

Juvenile Justice Program Funding Announcement

Note for agencies with pending FY19 Juvenile Justice applications:  NCTCOG encourages attendance at an FY20 workshop session.  Updates on the FY19 funding status will be shared with applicants as we receive them.

The attendance of an applicant agency at any one of the workshop sessions, regardless of funding category, will satisfy the mandatory attendance requirement as set forth in the Policies & Procedures.  Therefore, if your agency is applying in more than one funding category, attendance is only required at any one of the funding category-specific workshops. 

Note: If your agency anticipates using a grant writer who is not an employee of your organization, an organization employee must also attend.  Furthermore, contract grant writers will not be allowed to sign in for multiple agencies they may be representing.  It is imperative that the applicant agency sends a staff person in order to be clear on the submission process and scoring criteria associated with this region. 


Handouts for Juvenile Justice Application Workshop


Contact Information

Kelly Schmidt, Criminal Justice Program Administrator
Phone 817-608-2383