FY21 General Victim Assistance Grant Workshop Registration

The purpose of the General Victim Assistance Grant Program (GVA) is to provide services and assistance directly to victims of crime to speed their recovery and aid them through the criminal justice process.  Services may include responding to the emotional and physical needs of crime victims; assisting victims in stabilizing their lives after a victimization; assisting victims to understand and participate in the criminal justice system; and providing victims with safety and security. 

Read the General Victim Assistance Grant Program Funding Announcement below to determine if your agency is eligible to apply and that your proposed project fits within the eligibility criteria.

General Victim Assistance Grant Program Funding Announcement

New for FY21: Due to the availability of funding, CJD can no longer support 24-month project periods.  FY21 projects may not exceed a 12-month project period. 

Currently Funded GVA Projects:  If your agency is currently funded for a GVA project(s), check this spreadsheet to determine the project’s FY21 grant cycle status.  The spreadsheet shows GVA workshop attendance requirements for each project. 

FY21 GVA Status Spreadsheet

Agencies not currently funded for a GVA project: Agencies new to CJD’S General Victim Assistance funding wishing to submit a first year project must attend an NCTCOG General Victim Assistance Grant Application Workshop session.  Workshop attendance is mandatory.

Critical Information for Special Victim Services Categories:  

Residential and Community-Based Services for Victims of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth
At CJD's direction, these applications will go through a special NCTCOG review process for the FY21 cycle.  If your agency is submitting a project in this category, you are NOT required to attend a GVA workshop; however, we highly encourage you to do so to gain information on the application submittal process. 

Campus Victim Assistance and First Responder Mental Health
If applying in either of these categories, you may attend a GVA workshop if you like; however, attendance is not mandatory.  These categories bypass the COG scoring/prioritization process.

Agencies applying for funds to support a CASA or Children’s Advocacy Center program must apply through either Texas CASA, Inc. or Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas.

The attendance of an applicant agency at any one of the workshop sessions, regardless of funding category, will satisfy the mandatory attendance requirement as set forth in the Policies & Procedures.  Therefore, if your agency is applying in more than one funding category, attendance is only required at any one of the funding category-specific workshops. 

If your agency anticipates using a grant writer who is not an employee of your organization, an organization employee must also attend.  Furthermore, contract grant writers will not be allowed to sign in for multiple agencies they may be representing.  It is imperative that the applicant agency sends a staff person in order to be clear on the submission process and scoring criteria associated with this region. 

Handouts for General Victim Assistance Grant Application Workshop

General Victim Assistance Program Funding Announcement *
*Read first to determine if your proposed project fits within Violence Against Women guidelines
General Victim Assistance PowerPoint handout
Scoring Factors
Local Priorities
Eligible Activities
Eligible Amounts for Continuation Projects

General Victim Assistance Addendum (Word doc)

For all projects to be scored, applicants are required to email this Word document to NCTCOG in addition to submitting the application via eGrants.  Download, save the file, complete, and send completed Addendum no later than 5:00 CST on February 27, 2020 to cjapplications@nctcog.org.  Do not upload Addendum to eGrants.
eGrants Users Guide to Creating an Application
OOG Guide to Grants
OOG Grantee Conditions and Responsibilities
Developing a Good Project:  Guidance and Information for Applicants

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