Professional Development

ABC's of Time, Goals & Purpose                                                                                                                                  Purchase $49

(3 Courses - 4 Hours)

Successful Time Management = Increased Productivity = Achieved Goals. In this bundled curriculum you will have access to the following courses:
  • Smart Time Management: 7 Steps to Regaining Control of Your Day (2 Hours)
  • Smart Time Management: The 80/20 Rule for Making Every Minute Count (1 Hour)
  • Smart Management: SMART Goals - Setting Effective Targets for Success (1 Hour)

These courses will aid you in developing an effective and efficient method for allocating time; assist you in channeling your time and effort to get the greatest results with the least  amount of effort and stress, and in setting effective and relevant goals. 


Office 2013 Essentials Training                                                                                                                                   Purchase $79

(8 Courses - 12 Hours)

This training bundle includes these 8 online trainings to be consumed independently:

  • Excel 2013 Essentials Training I
  • Excel 2013 Essentials Training II
  • Microsoft Project Essentials Training 
  • Microsoft Project Intermediate Training
  • Outlook 2013 Essentials Training
  • PowerPoint 2013 Essentials Training
  • Word 2013 Essentials Training I
  • Word 2013 Essentials Training II