The Record Management Manual for Local Governments June 12, 2020 (morning)

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A Records Management Manual is an essential component of a local government records management program, and a necessary tool for records operations.  The State of Texas requires local governments to have in place documentation that addresses their records management program, and this manual satisfies that requirement. The RM manual determines authority and responsibility, explains processes and procedures for operation and maintenance, and establishes program credibility.  The manual is also a guideline for staff duties and aids in training new employees who will perform records tasks.  Additionally, the manual may be used to address litigation actions and inquiries from the public.

The class begins with a presentation explaining what the manual is, what it does, how it is used, and the government’s need for a manual.  The discussion includes the legal aspects and proper utilization of the manual.  Subjects include definitions, authorities, responsibility, procedural aspects for paper, electronic, and microfilm records, and general discussion of a comprehensive manual’s characteristics.  The second phase introduces all 22 sections of the manual with discussion about why certain content is included or omitted.

A complete generic manual in electronic form, ready for customization to the specific government, is made available to class attendees. Instruction in how to edit the manual to meet the requirements of the individual local government is provided. The entire manual and working files will be available to the student to be downloaded using the internet (this is the recommended method, and a link provided). The download includes the complete manual, individually formatted sections, related state law publications, and 60 examples of existing manuals for reference. This is a 3-hour course. The instructor is a Certified Records Manager (CRM).


This class answers what is a RM Manual, what components are in a manual, and how it fits into the overall RM program of a government. A records manual is the go to guide for the overall RM program and can be used for new hire training and legal actions.  A generic manual (93 pages) is offered to students for their editing and customization to their governments. The objective of this course is to present an overview of best practices, as well as to answer questions and provide guidance for what a records management manual is and how to incorporate one for your program.



Special Instructions

Lunch provided to those staying for the afternoon session. (Disaster Planning)
Classes will be held at 616 Six Flags Dr Arlington, TX 76011

Target Audience

All levels of records managers or anyone involved in the record management program for your organization.


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100% for withdrawal 14 days prior to session start date
50% for withdrawal 5 days prior to session start date