ONLINE: Writing Statements of Work - 1/20/22 (Thursday)

TDI Instructor Led Training - 8 hours               Register Here

This workshop covers Statements of Work (SOW) for services. Developing an SOW is often more challenging than writing a specification for goods. One reason is that a “spec sheet” is generally not available for services like we are used to with goods. Participants will develop a thorough understanding of the components of creating an SOW. The workshop contains lectures and discussions, as well as small group exercises and a case study.

Course/Workshop topics:

  • Statement of Work Definition
  • Where to Begin – Resources
  • Critical Elements of a SOW
  • Ten Steps to Writing a SOW
  • Developing the Evaluation Criteria
  • Creating the Evaluation Scoring Instrument
  • Writing tips to ensure a SOW that is easy to understand is free from ambiguities
  • SOW Case Study




Target Audience

  • All public procurement professionals responsible for the development of SOWs.
  • Program staff who develop SOWs
  • Anyone interested in learning how to develop SOWs for the public sector


Contracts & Purchasing Academy


100% for withdrawal 14 days prior to session start date
50% for withdrawal 5 days prior to session start date