Managing Multiple Projects/Contracts Effectively (May 21, 2019)

TDI Instructor Led Training - 9 hours                                                                    Register Here

In today's "do more with less" world, project (PMs) and contract managers (CMs) are feeling the pressure as they are increasingly assigned multiple projects/contracts. Often this brings with it competition for organization resources among these projects/contracts, and challenges associated with "keeping all the balls in the air" in managing staff and meeting all project/contract milestones. In this class, we will discuss the challenges that cause this overly constrained situation involving multiple projects/contracts, common mistakes made in attempting to deal with this situation, ways of improving productivity for a PM/CM, best practices for planning and conducting multiple projects/contracts, and close with presenting a reading list of additional sources for PM/CM who want more on this subject. Students will reinforce techniques presented in-class practice exercises. 


  • Understand the business environment that promotes the assignment of multiple projects/contracts to a PM/CM.
  • Describe the challenges faced by PMs/CMs dealing with multiple projects.
  • Recognize the common mistakes made by PMs/CMs in attempting to handle multiple assignments.Understand "best practices" winning strategies for successfully performing in an overly tasked environment.
  • Describe steps to improve productivity in an multiple project/contract environment.
  • Determine priority setting techniques for multiple coincident efforts.
  • Understand the reality and effects of "multitasking" through demonstration exercises.Identify and realize the impact of overtasking on the triple constraint (schedule, budget, scope).
  • Utilize "best practices" for organizing and managing multiple assignments.
  • Realize the steps to improving personal efficiency in day-to-day activities.



Special Instructions

Lunch will be provided. Training will be held at the North Central Texas Council of Governments at 616 Six Flags Drive Arlington, TX 76011.

Target Audience

Anyone who creates or manages contracts, or is involved in planning, executing, or managing projects. Anyone looking for efficiency techniques useful in organizing their assignments.


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100% for withdrawal 14 days prior to session start date
50% for withdrawal 5 days prior to session start date