From Supervisor to Leader (October 15, 2019)

TDI Instructor Led Training - 4 hours                                                                    Register Here

Service is at the heart of working for a municipality. The citizen is our customer and every employee is responsible for offering great service and exceptional experiences to the people that live in our community. The employee must have many skills to meet the needs of the modern municipality and the supervisor plays a key role in inspiring employees to bring their best to work each day.  

The role of a supervisor has changed. People look to their supervisors, not just to assign them tasks, but also to define a purpose in their work for them. While maximizing their employees’ efficiencies, supervisors must nurture skills, develop talent and inspire results.

This training program guides supervisor/leaders to develop, use and fine-tune their leadership skills while encouraging, and highlighting the specific strengths and knowledge of every individual.


  • Understand the tools needed to communicate with authority, credibility and respect.
  • Receive guidelines for developing stronger relationships with your workers.
  • Learn the skills to get “Buy-In” from the people you manage and help create a team.
  • Recognize the barriers within you that keep you from being the leader you can be.
  • Use delegation, feedback and conflict to empower employers and be a supervisor/leader.



Special Instructions

Classes will be held at 616 Six Flags Dr Arlington, TX 76011

Target Audience

This course is ideal for the new and upcoming supervisors, existing supervisors who want to be more equipped to mentor and develop their staff, and those who are working toward a promotion. Anyone can be a leader, it starts with you.


Management & Leadership


100% for withdrawal 14 days prior to session start date
50% for withdrawal 5 days prior to session start date