Project Management for Non Project Managers (July 30, 2019)

TDI Instructor Led Training - 7 hours                                                                    Register Here

This one-day workshop is targeted towards managers and key employees who face challenges with complexity, communication, and coordination of projects. The ideal participants are those currently working outside of a formal project-management structure. We will address how to get the “owners” of the project to state the scope, how to create a project charter to identify key steps and key tools such as a work breakdown structure, responsibility matrix and the project plan. We will also discuss the key role of the Project Manager at all stages in the process.  


This course is a great foundational course for those who are learning to manage small to medium size projects.  It is important to learn how to manage a project, identify the players or members you need to develop the project successfully.  And also learn how to delegate the responsibilities in a way that best suits the team members involved.  Learn how to deal with challenges as they occur, plan for obstacles, and manage your team to a successful project completion.



Special Instructions

Catered lunch provided. Course will be held at 616 Six Flags Drive Arlington, TX 76011 

Target Audience

This course is targeted toward a diverse range of managers and staff members who wish to acquire the necessary skills to successfully manage small to medium sized projects.


Management & Leadership


100% for withdrawal 14 days prior to session start date
50% for withdrawal 5 days prior to session start date