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2000 Attainment Demonstration SIP Revision for the One-Hour Ozone Standard

treesPrompted by an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finding that the previous State Implementation Plan (SIP) submittal was incomplete, revisions were made to the February 1999 Attainment Demonstration SIP. This revision was adopted by the State in 2000.

Although the one-Hour ozone standard has been revoked, this revision remains in effect through the designated deadline due to anti-backsliding regulations.

The April 2000 Attainment Demonstration SIP includes photochemical modeling, demonstration of transport, a new attainment date of November 2007, a mobile source budget, and various control strategies.  All control strategies must be in place by July, 2007.

In August 2001, additional revisions were made to the Attainment Demonstration SIP, repealing the construction shift emissions reduction control strategy, and replacing the accelerated purchase of Tier II/Tier III equipment with the Texas Emission Reduction Plan (TERP).

Use the following links to explore various aspects of the previous SIP, including information about control strategies and the SIP development process.

Control Strategies

SIP Revisions

Rules, Proposals, & Approvals

Development Process

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