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Vanpool Discount on Managed Lane Facilities

As part of the Regional Transportation Council’s (RTC) policy on Managed Toll Lanes, vanpools operated by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA), and Trinity Metro (formerly known as the T) are eligible to receive a 50 percent reimbursement on toll charges when the vanpools utilize Managed Toll Lanes during the peak traffic periods Monday through Friday, 6:30 AM – 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM – 6:30 PM.  The following actions are required to request and receive NCTCOG reimbursement of the vanpool toll discount:

1.  Vanpool must be an RTC-sponsored public vanpool. 

      a.  Requestor is required to specify the transit agency that operates the vanpool
           (DART, DCTA, Trinity Metro).

2.  Vanpool requestor is required to pre-register as part of the TEXPRESS HOV pre-declaration process
     to receive the 50 percent HOV discount. 
     a.  If the vanpool requestor does not pre-declare their HOV status, then the requestor is not eligible
          to receive the vanpool discount reimbursement.

3. Requestor is required to obtain and display a registered TollTag, TxTag, or EZ Tag on the vehicle

If you believe you are qualified for reimbursement, please review the requirement checklist in the following section. When eligibility is established, please complete and submit the required documents. Example documents are also placed below for reference:


Reimbursement Request Documents


Requirements for Vanpool Discount on Managed Lane Facilities

Reimbursement Request Form

Authorization for Direct Deposit (ACH)  (Fill out the ACH once with your first submittal only)

Request for Taxpayer ID Number and Certification (W9)  (Fill out the W9 once with your first submittal only)


Example Reimbursement Request Documents


How to Create a TEXpress Account (Mobile App)

Complete Reimbursement Packet - Example

Reimbursement Request Form - Example

Authorization for Direct Deposit (ACH) - Example

Request for Taxpayer ID Number and Certification (W9) - Example

Toll Account Transaction History - Example



If you have questions, please contact Sonya Landrum at or (817) 695-9273.




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