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Notes on Travel Time Maps

clock All times are only estimates. Times may vary significantly by time of day, construction, special events, or other factors.

For the purpose of these maps, HOV lanes are ignored (since not everyone is allowed to travel in them). If you take HOV lanes where available, your times may be decreased.

You may notice that the transition between contour colors is rough: there may sometimes appear to be a pattern of color surrounded by ones of another color. This is often due to the fact that the program recognizes one way segments; as a result, it may take longer to reach a segment that is going in the opposite direction.

Our model network does not include minor local streets. In some cases, it may be possible to reach a destination slightly faster using local streets not included in our network.

2040 travel times assume the improvements designated in the current Metropolitan Transportation Plan (Mobility 2040) are made.

These maps were created using ArcMap 10.4 Network Analyst software, but the underlying contour data is from an analysis in TransCAD..

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