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Freight Oriented Development

A Freight Oriented Development (FOD) is an area where manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and freight forwarding operations are consolidated with ready access to a multimodal transportation network.

Benefits of Freight Oriented Development

  • Improves efficiency and connectivity
  • Preserves existing industrial areas while mitigating community impact/concerns
Freight Oriented Development Map 2012 rail yard photo

Regional Freight Oriented Development Locations 2012


Air Cargo Fact Sheet

Air Cargo Facts

Freight Oriented Development Designation Criteria

  • Multiple freight modes (access to at least two)
     - Highway
     - Rail
     - Air cargo facility*
  • Contains freight-related industries (at least one)
     - Manufacturing
     - Warehousing
     - Distribution
     - Shipping
     - Freight forwarders
  • Serves as a Foreign Trade Zone or subzone*
    Area must consist of at least 50% industrial/office land-use zoning
  • Contains less than 5% residential land-use zoning (preferably none)

*Optional features - Lack of these features does not preclude a development from being designated as a
  Freight Oriented Development


  • Michael Johnson, Transportation Planner
  • Lisa Key, Administrative Assistant II
  • Kevin Feldt, AICP, Program Manager


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